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Broadvoice offers a variety of products and services to help streamline contact center operations and communications: the b-hive UCaaS platform, Broadvoice CCaaS, and Bubble by Broadvoice. Each product is unique and serves a distinct function, but all three were developed to meet the ever-changing needs of businesses.

Bubble by Broadvoice is our business texting platform that allows businesses to send SMS text messages using their b-hive business number. This offers a quick, efficient, and engaging way to reach customers where they are most — on their phones. The functionalities of Bubble aren’t just limited to one-on-one conversations with customers: businesses can use Bubble to create and send bulk messages and text-based sales and marketing campaigns.

Businesses can create custom campaigns tailored to specific contacts and groups, and Bubble even supports using texting keywords to help build contact lists for promos and future campaigns. For example, a clothing store could send the following promotional text to new customers: “Thanks for shopping with us! Text the word “NEWBIE” to XXXXX to enroll in our rewards program and receive 10% off your next in-store purchase.” The word “NEWBIE” would act as a keyword that adds the customer’s number to the list of rewards program members.

Businesses can also have campaigns to provide more information about the company, its services, or special events. For example, a company could host a webinar event and send customers a text message that says, “Have you heard about our upcoming webinar on XYZ? Text “INFO” to XXXXX for more information.” Once a customer texts the keyword, they will be directed to information about the event.

With Bubble, businesses can have unlimited keywords, each keyword can have up to 4 automated actions, and there are no restrictions or added costs to use keywords. This creates endless possibilities for campaigns that businesses can leverage for information gathering, sales promotions, lead generation, and more.

Build Customer Relationships with Bubble by Broadvoice

Creating custom campaigns in Bubble is easy, and custom keywords make it easy for businesses to streamline customer interactions, convey important information, and collect customer information. Bubble by Broadvoice isn’t just a business text messaging platform — it’s a way to stay connected, build meaningful relationships with customers, and expand business operations.

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