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Broadvoice offers a variety of telephony solutions ranging from UCaaS and CCaaS platforms to routing and SIP Trunking services. While we are primarily a hosted VoIP (voice over IP) company, and many of our products and services are software-based, hardware plays a significant role in what we do and the products we offer. Just like with our software solutions, we strive to provide the best hardware options for our services and solutions.

For our standard hosted solutions, we offer desk phones and analog-to-telephone adapters (ATAs) for customers who want to use traditional phone systems.

We partner with Polycom and Yealink to provide customers with different models and styles of desk phones. While each model and brand offers the same basic features, each does so in a slightly different way, allowing customers to find the one that best suits their needs. Our options range from basic phones for use in a lobby to advanced phones with sidecars and additional buttons for front office personnel to transfer calls, make outbound calls, and place callers on hold. Check out our phone hardware page to learn more.

We also offer ATAs, which are small pieces of hardware that connect traditional analog phones to the internet using a phone jack. These adapters allow customers to use their existing analog phones for Broadvoice services.

We also offer hardware for routing and SIP Trunking services.

We partner with Fortinet to provide customers with a two LAN device with 8 LAN ports, which allows customers to use it as a small switch if needed. The device comes configured by Broadvoice and is fully supported by our award-winning team of specialists. We also offer several models of VeloCloud to maximize existing internet bandwidth.

Our partnership with Fortinet also comes with a 4G backup, which guarantees that our clients have a 4G or LTE backup in case of an internet outage. Our specialists can configure this for emergencies, so businesses can continue receiving calls and performing light data usage tasks if their internet service is disrupted.

At Broadvoice, we believe in meaningful connections — this means providing our clients with everything they need to stay connected anywhere, anytime. Whether you need a desk phone, an ATA, a LAN device, or a 4G backup, Broadvoice has you covered.

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