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Broadvoice Enhances b-hive Communicator to Improve Collaboration

LOS ANGELES—April 16, 2024Broadvoice, an omnichannel contact center platform and unified communications provider for small and mid-market businesses and BPOs, announced enhancements to its next-generation b-hive Communicator app.

The Communicator app improves business collaboration by combining call, text, chat, fax and video conferencing functionalities on one platform. The all-in-one app is even easier to use with its upgraded user interface, user experience and new chat experience.

“Since we launched our next-generation b-hive Communicator app two years ago, we’ve added features to improve communication workflows in response to customer demand,” said George Mitsopoulos, Chief Product Officer for Broadvoice. “We’re excited to provide b-hive users with enhancements designed to improve the user experience, simplify team collaboration and boost productivity.”

Upgrades to b-hive Communicator include:

  • Increased readability and accessibility. Broadvoice redesigned Communicator’s UI with vibrant, bold icons and more legible typography on an all-white background. Larger buttons were added for quick access to favorite features like calls, chats and videos.
  • Improved responsiveness across screen sizes. The improved UX makes Communicator responsive across all screen sizes, from desktops and laptops to mobile phones, which is ideal for different work models (in-person, work-from-home and on-the-go).
  • Enhanced group chat capabilities. Communicator’s new chat experience makes group chats more productive by allowing users to transition one-on-one conversations into group chats, leave a group and remove members from a group when their contributions are complete.
  • The ability to reply in context. Communicator’s new chat experience allows users to respond directly to a previous message. The original message and the user’s response are grouped together, creating context in a visual conversation thread that is easy to follow.
  • Simplified conversation tracking. The new chat experience makes it easier than ever to keep track of conversations. Users can now pin important messages, view the date and time of sent messages and easily identify SMS users.
  • Distinguish between sent and received messages. With Communicator’s UI enhancements, chats now mimic the look of texts: sent messages appear on the right, and received messages appear on the left.

About Broadvoice

Broadvoice simplifies communications for small and mid-market businesses with cloud communications solutions that deliver enterprise-class features as an affordable managed service. Broadvoice’s unified communications as a service and omnichannel contact center as a service solutions are built on proprietary technology platforms, giving the company complete control to meet customers’ evolving needs. Broadvoice is also known for its industry-leading installation, support and the award-winning Broadvoice Success Program. With network assets and customers spanning four continents, Broadvoice drives collaboration and commerce across the globe. For more information, visit www.broadvoice.com.

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