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Our ultimate guide to collaboration for small and medium-sized businesses is here with everything you need to find the right collaboration technology and get your team working like a well-oiled machine.


Cloud collaboration technology 101.

Explore the ways that cloud collaboration has evolved, with unified communications providers offering services ranging from VoIP calling to reliable and secure video conferencing.
  • What is cloud collaboration?
  • Why is collaboration important?
  • What are best practices for cloud collaboration?

How cloud collaboration technology adds value to your business.

The right collaboration tool can provide a return on investment (ROI) by improving teamwork and helping your business better capitalize on opportunities.


  • Save time and improve organization.
  • Allow employees to collaborate from anywhere.
  • Free for existing b-hive pro and standard seats.
  • Positively impact company culture and communication.
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How to find the right collaboration tool.

Not every cloud collaboration tool will be the right one for you and your team. We’ve included a checklist for evaluating collaborative technology so you can find the one that fits your workflow.
  • How to find a collaboration tool that fits your team.
  • Finding collaboration apps that integrate with your other tools.
  • How to try a demo before you buy.

Meet b-hive Communicator.

Communicator is the all-in one app where conversations happen quicker, customer issues resolve in record time and your team can collaborate like never before.

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