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Why Broadvoice is Partners’ Clear Choice for UCaaS

Partnering with a unified communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) provider should be a critical decision for channel sales agents. However, with the rise of me-too providers, many partners have come to view UCaaS as a commodity and send their business to the highest bidder. Who can blame them? If UCaaS providers are all the same, why not cash in on the 8X SPIFF? But the reality is that not all UCaaS providers are the same. And those differences can have a real impact on both immediate and future revenue opportunities for partners with their valued customers.

Take Broadvoice. Our leadership team recognized long ago three fundamental truths that have driven our product development, service delivery and go-to-market strategy:

  1. The cloud-based communications platform is the central hub for modern, distributed businesses and having complete control over that platform is essential.

  2. The customer experience is all-important not only in designing features but also in engineering solutions, onboarding and training users, and driving adoption and return on investment (ROI).

  3. Customer buying decisions are influenced by channel partners who act as trusted advisors to help them sort through the vast array of solutions in the market to find the best option for their business requirements.

Together, these principles — put into practice — make Broadvoice partners’ choice for UCaaS. Let’s review them in more detail.

Complete Control

Broadvoice has invested in a proprietary UCaaS platform, so it has total control over feature set development to meet the evolving needs of our partners’ customers.

We built the Broadvoice b-hive platform to deliver communications capabilities rarely found in enterprise cloud solutions, let alone one designed for small and medium businesses. It includes cloud PBX, Unified Communications (UC) and collaboration features with a virtual call center.

This means partners can offer their clients enterprise-class communications now, plus the promise of future enhancements as technology and business requirements change.

Control over the b-hive platform has been more important than ever over the past two years when cloud communications and collaboration have become central to corporate operations. Broadvoice reprioritized roadmaps and accelerated timelines for critical tools such as Microsoft Teams integration, video conferencing and our next-gen mobile app to meet customer demand. Today, Broadvoice b-hive offers a seamless all-in-one experience, simplified management and support for work anywhere from any device.

Customer Centricity

Broadvoice also takes a holistic view of its service beyond the communications platform to include the total customer experience. This approach has resulted in innovations, such as:

  • 90-day Customer Success Program – This award-winning program sets a new industry standard for UCaaS and CCaaS implementation, onboarding and adoption practices. Broadvoice’s VoIP implementation process already exceeded industry-standard self-service installs by including customized needs assessment, network readiness assessment, design and configuration, training and issue resolution.

    With its 90-Day Customer Success Program, Broadvoice took this support culture to a new level by adding 90 days of dedicated professional support at no additional cost — an industry first. The program eases the user learning curve, ensures the system is set up correctly and promotes user adoption companywide.

    Partners benefit from Broadvoice’s focus on CX in driving customer satisfaction, contract retention and expansion, and recurring revenue.

  • 100 Percent Service Level Agreement – As part of its commitment to delivering an unmatched customer experience, Broadvoice offers an industry-leading SLA. That acknowledges businesses count on Broadvoice for their communication needs — not most of the time, but all of the time. A 100 percent SLA gives partners and their customers assurances that Broadvoice has invested in a robust platform and reliable network they can trust to be always on.

    Industrywide SLAs for voice services typically are 99.9 percent, which means customers should expect 8 hours and 46 minutes of downtime annually. To outdo the industry average with its 100 percent uptime SLA, Broadvoice spent a year revamping its born-in-the-cloud b-hive platform and network infrastructure to rival the best in the industry. Broadvoice’s hybrid cloud architecture leverages leading cloud providers for application and data processing alongside its own geo-redundant data centers for media processing — all backed by Broadvoice’s 24/7 network operations center (NOC) and extensive system monitoring.

Channel Focus

Broadvoice CEO Jim Murphy and President Ghahremanpour recognized the power of partners early in their careers — even before Broadvoice began. That early experience informs everything we do with our channel at Broadvoice. As Sam likes to say, “We’re not just ‘channel-friendly,’ we’re relentless in our channel commitment.”

Broadvoice strives to make it as easy as possible for partners and their customers to do business with the company in any way they please — high touch, self-service or a mix of both — so everyone has a positive experience.

To that end, Broadvoice has a growing channel team with regional channel managers, solutions architects and even partner sales managers who take care of quoting and ordering for partners so that they can focus on sales.

And partners are highly motivated to do just that. Broadvoice offers industry-leading partner compensation that includes evergreen residuals, lucrative commissions, aggressive SPIFFs, and creative revenue opportunities such as installation markups, hardware markups and residuals on hardware rentals.

Clear Choice

With complete UCaaS platform control, a programmatic and measurable focus on CX and nearly two decades invested in channel partnerships, it’s easy to see why Broadvoice is the partners’ clear choice for UCaaS.

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