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The Broadvoice Teams Helping Partners Drive Customer Loyalty

Broadvoice has always been dedicated to the success of our partners. Our intentional, structured, and focused customer support teams build and nurture customer satisfaction, which drives customer loyalty and revenue retention for our partners and our company.

To ensure an exceptional experience with our communications solutions, several Broadvoice teams work with clients throughout the customer journey.

  • The Service Delivery Team focuses on seamlessly implementing services. Their primary goal is to ensure accurate and timely service fulfillment.
  • The Nurture Team is the go-to resource for the first 90 days of service. The team works directly with partners and clients to ensure they’re set up for success.
  • Customer Service is the first line of support when clients need assistance, responding to customers’ challenges and questions when they arise.
  • Technical Support is the go-to resource for addressing individual technical issues as they occur.
  • The Customer Success Team oversees the entire customer journey, identifying and mitigating risks and ensuring customers meet their goals when using our solutions.

These resources — particularly the Nurture and Customer Success teams — are uniquely positioned to foster beneficial, long-term customer relationships.

The Nurture Team

After the Service Delivery Team implements the products and services, the client transitions to the Nurture Team, which manages the first 90 days of service.

“We realize that changing technology platforms is stressful,” said Jason Thompson, Vice President of Client Enablement at Broadvoice. “You’re changing hardware sets, you may be moving to a new location and getting a new ISP — there’s a lot of commotion with that. The Nurture Program is designed to provide a soft landing after everything is deployed.”

The Nurture Team immediately reviews the account to ensure all contracted services have been installed and billed correctly. “After they’ve done their homework, the Nurture Team has a game plan for consulting with the customer going forward,” said Thompson.

Here’s a breakdown of their 90-day game plan:

  • Day 1-30. The Nurture Team proactively reaches out to the client and addresses any challenges or changes. The team also provides additional training and documentation and suggests complementary features based on how clients use their services.
  • Day 31-60. The Nurture Team continues its proactive outreach and makes system adjustments based on usage. Common questions during this period include: Do we need to provide additional training? Do they need more seats? Do they need different features?
  • Day 61-90. The Nurture Team works to “graduate” clients to the next level of support. They conduct a final walkthrough of services to ensure everything works properly and that features support the business. The team also ensures clients have mastered the self-service portal and are familiar with the escalation process in case of future issues. As a final step, the team surveys clients for feedback on the quality of support they received.

“Before they graduate, we want customers to know how to open a ticket via our website, how to call us after business hours, how to escalate an issue if there’s a critical outage, and how to use the portal to change passwords or update usernames without having to call and create a ticket,” says Thompson. “Whatever they can do themselves, we want to make sure they understand how to do that.”

The Customer Success Team

Following the 90-day nurture period, Premiere accounts transition to the Customer Success Team. The mission of the Customer Success Team is to delight customers through meaningful connections, achieve desired outcomes, and demonstrate value throughout the customer’s journey.

“Customer Success takes point on all issues and escalation management through to resolution,” said Katie Mathe, Director of Customer Success at Broadvoice. “And we have regular touchpoints to get feedback on how things are going and how to improve.”

The Customer Success Team helps clients by:

  • Assigning a dedicated advocate
  • Uncovering desired outcomes
  • Developing mutual-success plans
  • Facilitating ongoing training when needed
  • Recommending ways to optimize service
  • Managing issues and overseeing escalations
  • Providing regular touchpoints to ensure value

Broadvoice is Here for You and Your Customers

At Broadvoice, we are committed to providing exceptional support for our partners and customers throughout our relationship. Our high-touch service is designed to provide partners and clients with the best experience possible. From excellent onboarding to continuous care, we have service specialists dedicated to the success of your business and your client’s businesses. For more information about our Customer teams, check out our webinar from June in the Partner Portal.

If you have questions about these programs or want to learn more, contact the Customer Success Team.

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