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The Broadvoice Partner Difference: 15 Reasons Partners Love Working with Us

Since Broadvoice began in 2006, our mission has been to foster and build meaningful relationships with our customers and partners. A crucial part of this is creating and nurturing meaningful partnerships with technology advisors who work with growing businesses in a variety of sizes and industries. Our teams work diligently to ensure we have partners who are excited to work with us and recommend our products and services to their customers and clients.

We are constantly searching for new ideas and products to improve our technology solutions, service delivery, and customer experience, and we take the same approach with our partner program, building on a strong foundation focused on fresh perspectives and innovation.

We recently interviewed Jason Shawgo, the Vice President of Channel Sales at Broadvoice. Jason started his Broadvoice journey in 2020 as Area Vice President of Channel Sales for the Eastern region, and his sales experience and leadership skills have proven to be a pivotal part of our channel strategy and execution.

Jason regularly meets with Channel Managers, Partner Support Managers, Sales Engineers, and partners to discuss the Partner Program and how we can better serve our partners and customers. “My team and I have received a significant amount of feedback from our partners about how Broadvoice operates differently from other UCaaS and CCaaS providers and provides tangible value to our partners. More and more, we are hearing from our partners that how we work in the channel is preferred over other providers.”

We asked Jason what he thinks sets us apart when it comes to our relationships with our partners, and he came up with a list of 15 advantages for partners, which we’ve named the Broadvoice Partner Difference.

  1. Broadvoice pays an industry-leading UCaaS residual (and we have no plans to change this).
  2. Broadvoice offers healthy spiffs, even when partners need aggressive pricing.
  3. We have a successful “match or beat” program against competitors’ quotes and spiffs.
  4. Broadvoice provides partners with a single pane of glass in our administrative portal that allows them to view and manage their customer accounts.
  5. We provide award-winning customer support, products, and services to every customer.
  6. Broadvoice has a tenured and highly-responsive Channel Sales Team that goes above and beyond to support our partners’ sales opportunities. Our partners work with the same team consistently, regardless of size or industry.
  7. Broadvoice provides partners full access to our marketing resources via the Broadvoice Partner Portal.
  8. We offer every UCaaS customer a 30-day risk-free cancellation.
  9. We offer a 90-day customer success program to every customer, which includes a tier 1 support representative who regularly meets with every new customer, reviews the first invoice with them, and assists with any technical needs.
  10. We provide every $1K+ MRR customer with a premier support team.
  11. Broadvoice does not bill customers until their services are activated, and we only invoice for what is deployed.
  12. Broadvoice owns our proprietary UCaaS and omnichannel CCaaS platforms.
  13. We host a President’s Club for TSB executives, individual TSB Channel Managers, and selling partners.
  14. Our Operations Team (Service Delivery, Technical Support, Customer Service, Billing, etc.) consistently achieves monthly CSAT scores between 91 and 95 percent (the industry average is 73 percent).
  15. We continually invest in our platforms. We added Zapier and Webhooks integrations earlier this year, and we have Zoho and API integrations planned for later this year as well as enhancements to our b-hive Communicator app.

Jason commented, “While we tend to focus on how we can improve our service offerings and processes, many of our benefits come from what we don’t do. Broadvoice has not made any changes that negatively impact our partners or the partner community. We strive to continuously bring more value to our partners, and what we do not change is just as important as what we do change.”

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