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b-hive + Salesforce: The Seamless CRM Phone Integration Clients Need

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Broadvoice has promised to bring enterprise-class communications to your small and medium business (SMB) clients. We’ve delivered with voice, collaboration and call center tools that your customers have enthusiastically embraced. And, now, we’re offering CRM phone integration – another innovation that your clients will fall in love with, too. And, it’s not just any CRM integration. We’re excited to introduce b-hive for Salesforce, which combines cloud communications with the world’s leading CRM.

Information & Conversations

b-hive for Salesforce combines our cloud-based communication platform with your clients’ favorite CRM software, eliminating their need to switch back and forth between applications to serve their customers.

In action, it looks something like this: An inside sales rep (or services, or AR – you get it) who receives an incoming customer call can see important account information automatically through a screen pop. This means they can answer the phone with a warm greeting:

“Hello, Mrs. Jones. How can I help you today?”

And, behind the scenes, they aren’t scrambling to key in the account information to call up records in Salesforce; it’s already at their fingertips. And, if it’s a prospect or new customer, they can create a new record while on an active call.

Call details and call recordings are automatically logged in Salesforce, shifting agents’ time from tedious administrative tasks to serving – and delighting – their customers.

Time Savings & Personalization

This scenario is one of many that b-hive for Salesforce can realize for your clients, helping them to improve productivity and customer experience. For the record, here are the key features of b-hive for Salesforce:

  • Inbound record matching — b-hive for Salesforce automatically matches incoming calls with customer records stored in Salesforce, triggering screen pops with key customer information, so sales and service teams can get down to business.
  • New record creation — b-hive for Salesforce allows sales and services teams to create new records on demand, so employees can quickly open a new case or log a new lead.
  • Automated call recordings are linked to customer records in Salesforce, so your clients have a record of all customer interactions and also the ability to review for agent training. Plus, call notes are not required.
  • Click-to-call functionality allows sales and service teams to call a customer directly from the Salesforce application by simply clicking on their phone number, saving time and reducing misdials.
  • Automated call logging records with the customer record, so agents don’t have to remember to document the call time, duration and results after the call.

SMBs & Multilocation Customers

Who could use these features and functionality? Who couldn’t? b-hive for Salesforce benefits small and medium businesses (SMBs), startups and multilocation companies in nearly every industry. That’s because communications and CRM are core growth engines for every business; tying them together only fuels faster growth.

As your co-champion for SMBs, Broadvoice is happy to help your high-growth clients compete with larger businesses by giving them enterprise-class tools. b-hive for Salesforce is a cost-effective way to make an enterprise-level impact with smaller teams. It’s free for Pro Seats, so you can generate goodwill for current users and the opportunity to upgrade many seats to Pro level.

What’s more, b-hive for Salesforce can help smaller teams do more today, while providing benefits as they grow.

Sales Enablement & Support

Broadvoice is helping your deliver flexible and future-proof cloud communications that your clients want and expect today. b-hive for Salesforce builds on that foundation by helping you provide personalized communications tools that help your clients improve relationships with their customers. It’s one more way to solidify your position as a trusted partner.

You’ve heard it before – your success is our success. With that in mind we’re backing up our services with the support that you need, including:

  • Training – Learn to sell, upsell and earn more in our regular webinars and product training sessions.
  • Free Account – Use b-hive for Salesforce for your own teams (it’s free with Pro Seats), so they can better serve your customers and focus on closing deals.
  • LMS Course – Check out the b-hive for Salesforce training course in the Broadvoice LMS.


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