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Meet Yvette, a Sales Rockstar Dedicated to Nurturing Meaningful Partnerships

As a partner-friendly organization, Broadvoice counts on the sales experience and relationship skills of its channel team leaders to create and grow revenue-generating partnerships with sales agents.

Yvette Corradini Bratt, Regional Channel Manager for California and Arizona, is a shining example. She owns her channel management role with a powerful blend of sales acumen and personalized support.

For four years, Yvette has worked with our sales partners to deliver tailored solutions and unrivaled support to their clients. Every opportunity is a welcome challenge for Yvette, who says she thrives on competition. Her goal is to outperform competitors to win deals for Broadvoice and our valued partners.

Yvette’s success as a channel leader at Broadvoice is a direct result of her commitment to the partner community.

“Being in the channel is all about connections and relationships,” Yvette says. “Partnership is the key word. Sometimes, a partnership can be difficult like a marriage, which is why open lines of communication and respect are important for those hard days when partners and customers may need help.”

In her role, Yvette spends her time nurturing existing partner relationships and creating new ones. “It’s about building trust and relationships every day,” she says.

Yvette understands partners’ desires to build their own businesses while delivering the best services to their customers. She helps partners win deals and maximize their commissions while recommending right-fit solutions to their clients, so they grow their businesses with Broadvoice year after year.

Yvette’s personal efforts are backed by Broadvoice and a leadership team focused on building trust with partners and their customers. “CEO Jim Murphy and President Sam Ghahremanpour listen and act on what they promise, and they deliver,” she says.

Yvette believes Broadvoice’s success with partners goes hand in hand with that customer-centric philosophy.

“For example, if we have a six-seat opportunity, [a] $100 a month customer, it might not seem like a lot,” she says. “Our partners tell those customers, ‘Don’t worry [that] you are a small business; you are going to be treated like you are the only customer at Broadvoice.”

Indeed, Broadvoice treats every customer like an enterprise customer. For example, Broadvoice’s VoIP implementation process exceeds industry-standard self-service installs by including customized needs assessment, network readiness assessment, design and configuration, on-site survey, professional installation, training, and issue resolution.

Broadvoice recently took this support culture to a new level with its 90-day Customer Success Program, adding three months of dedicated professional support at no additional cost – an industry first. The program eases the user learning curve to ensure the system is set up correctly and promote user adoption companywide.

Broadvoice’s service and support culture also extends to the partner community.

“Partners say that they work with us because of the way that we treat them at Broadvoice,” Yvette says.

At Broadvoice, a partner is a person, not an order, Yvette explains. “For my partners, my personal motto is friendship first,” she adds. “I could see myself spending time with partners on the weekends, calling them personally and saying happy birthday and, in turn, finding out what is happening in their lives.”

This human approach to the partner community is driven from the top down. “President Sam Ghahremanpour makes personal phone calls to thank partners for their business,” Yvette says. “The human touch from the executive team is simply not something any other provider offers in the market. We genuinely care.”

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