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Broadvoice has been with you on the frontlines, helping your clients transition to working from home. It’s been a mad scramble to make sure that they’re outfitted with basic capabilities, but our work’s not done. After they settle in, many businesses will want to make remote work more secure, seamless and productive. To help we’ve accelerated the introduction of Broadvoice for Microsoft Teams. Level up the experience for Teams users with enterprise-grade voice communications. 

What does Broadvoice for Microsoft Teams do? 

Available immediately from the Microsoft AppSource, Broadvoice for Microsoft Teams brings the enterprise-class capabilities of our cloud-based communications platform to Microsoft’s collaboration hub, which enables users to access any Office productivity app to chat, message, share files or collaborate.

With Broadvoice for Microsoft Teams users can access b-hive calling features natively within the Teams app on any device – desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. But it does a lot more than simply enable outbound and inbound calls to the PSTN. 

Broadvoice for Microsoft Teams enables your customers to: 

  • Unify their collaboration, messaging and voice services on the Teams platform 
  • Access advanced PBX calling features, such as auto attendant and call routing 
  • Leverage call center features, such as hunt groups and CRM integration 
  • Improve productivity by simplifying the workspace interface 

What business can benefit from Broadvoice for Microsoft Teams? 

Adoption for Teams has been growing steadily since it was introduced as part of the Office 365 suite three years ago, but it’s now experiencing a massive increase in usage as a result of socialdistancing mandates. Daily users have doubled in the last six months – from 20 million in fall 2019 to 75 million in spring 2020. Clearly, there are a lot existing and new users of Teams that may benefit from adding b-hive’s enterprise-grade communications. 

  • Businesses Using Teams: Many Teams users will be looking to leverage Teams better for their remote teams by integrating PBX functionality. Instead of connecting their aging PBXs, these companies are better served to migrate to the b-hive cloud PBX, which gives them greater capabilities, including call center functionality, on a subscription basis with no capex.
  • Businesses Using b-hive: Your existing b-hive customers already were set up for anywhere communications, but also may be figuring out how to create a collaborative workspace for their teammates who are working from home. Microsoft Teams is an attractive choice. It’s available in free and paid versions, but Microsoft has made paid Teams available free for six months starting March 10. So, if they’ve recently made the jump to Teams or are considering it, you can help them reap additional benefits with our b-hive integration.

What does it take to get set up with Broadvoice for Microsoft Teams? 

In addition to adding full enterprise calling functionality, Broadvoice for Microsoft Teams is simple to enable.  

  • Like b-hive itself, Broadvoice for Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based subscription service.  
  • There’s no hardware or software required. 
  • After licensing Broadvoice for Microsoft Teams, your client’s Office 365 administrator simply enables it for users as needed. 
  • Your clients can test Broadvoice for Microsoft Teams free for 30 days with 25 users. 
  • If they like it, they pay a low monthly fee per user.

How can we help you talk to clients about Broadvoice for Microsoft Teams? 

Right now, your clients are counting on you to help them make remote work happen. Broadvoice for Microsoft Teams is another way that you can continue to help your clients make the most of a challenging situation. And, it’s one more way to solidify your position as a trusted partner. 

As usual, we have your back with the support that you’ve come to expect from Broadvoice, including: 

  • Training – Learn to sell, upsell and earn more in our regular webinars and product training sessions.  
  • Marketing Kit – Access ready-made emails and blogs that you can use  to evangelize the benefits of Broadvoice for Microsoft Teams (Coming Soon). 
  • Incentives – Broadvoice for Microsoft Teams should be an easy sell for Teams users, but just to make it interesting we’re offering a free trial for 30 days and up to 25 users. 


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