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How Your Tech Advisory Firm Can Profit From an Increased Demand for CCaaS

Consumers are demanding improved customer experiences, and more and more businesses are turning to contact center as a service (CCaaS) options to meet this demand. According to a market report from Fortune Business Insights, the CCaaS market is expected to reach over $15 billion by 2029. Your technology advisory business can capitalize on this growth by understanding what drives the market and providing your customers with a feature-rich CCaaS solution.

Why is the Demand for CCaaS Solutions Growing?

The increasing demand for CCaaS solutions is driven by changes in how companies work, how businesses interact with their customers, and by technological innovations that make CCaaS solutions more attractive to customers.

Here are a few business trends that are increasing the demand for CCaaS:

  • A rise in customer service standards. More and more customers require businesses to provide exceptional customer experiences. CCaaS can help optimize and personalize customer interactions to ensure that customers receive the best experience possible.
  • An increase in remote work models. With the pandemic-driven rise in remote work, cloud based applications and communications have become necessary for many businesses to operate. In many cases, this includes agents who work from home using cloud contact center solutions.
  • A focus on digital-first strategies. During the pandemic, many businesses embraced digital-first technologies for internal and external communications on different channels, including voice calls, emails, texts, and social media.
  • A preference for self-service. Many customers want the ability to find answers to simple requests on their own, but they also want the option for live assistance for more complex issues or when self-service falls short.
  • The growing agility in businesses. Companies have accelerated their digital transformations in order to harness the agility they now understand to be essential to their survival. They’re investing in solutions such as CCaaS that offer greater flexibility and future-proof technology.

The top-rated features of CCaaS technology have also helped increase demand.

  • Omnichannel support. Modern CCaaS platforms like GoContact enable customers to manage calls, chats, emails, and social media interactions in the same browser.
  • Flexible APIs. API based contact centers are driving growth because of their flexibility and ability to customize to fit the needs of customers and companies alike. For instance, CCaaS solutions like GoContact utilize low-code, drag-and-drop interfaces that simplify customization.
  • Enterprise-class functionalities. CCaaS platforms are more sophisticated than their legacy systems while providing the same capabilities. CCaaS providers offer lower overhead, OpEx models, and future-proof platforms that companies need to stay ahead.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR). While not a new technology, analysts expect IVR to lead the market by providing businesses with more self-service options.

Getting Your Tech Agency In On the Growing CCaaS Market

With the continual growth of the CCaaS market, your tech agency stands to profit from helping your customers leverage these agile and powerful customer interaction platforms. Here are a few tips to help tailor your sales pitch to meet the needs of your customers:

  • Play the match game. Make sure to match your CCaaS features with the needs of the business. Think about what features would help your customer the most. You can also suggest customizations or integrations that speak directly to their operational goals.
  • Ignore the size of the business. You shouldn’t rule out a customer based on the size of their business. Companies like Broadvoice provide feature-rich yet affordable and easy-to-use CCaaS solutions for small and mid-market businesses.
  • Push flexibility. CCaaS solutions like GoContact provide surge licensing and flexible pricing for a truly scalable solution that encourages customer commitment.
  • Provide a demo. Businesses are more likely to come on board once they see CCaaS solutions in action. Show your clients how accessible and user-friendly these solutions can be.

Why You Should Choose GoContact as Your CCaaS Solution

GoContact’s cloud based contact center solution offers the functionality and features that today’s businesses need. It is simple for agents and admins alike, yet provides powerful advantages, such as:

  • Easy virtual deployment. No software is required.
  • Cloud access. It can operate anywhere, at any time.
  • Omnichannel functionality. Connect with customers on their preferred channel (call, chat, email, text, video, etc.).
  • Real-time analytics. Assess agent activity and performance in real-time.
  • Agent assist. Create custom scripts with an easy-to-use interface.
  • Auto dialer. Maximize your contacts per hour.
  • Surge licensing. Scale seats up or down to fit the needs of the business.
  • Social media support. Connect to Facebook and other social media channels.
  • Queue call-backs. Allow customers to keep their place in line.
  • Quality control. Monitor and record calls.
  • Call routing. Customize based on agent skillset, schedule, and more.
  • CSAT surveys. Conduct surveys directly in the platform for continuous improvement.

Broadvoice is Committed to Your Success

Backed by the award-winning Broadvoice Success Program, GoContact ensures clients are successful and satisfied. As a partner-led organization, Broadvoice is invested in your success — from onboarding and training to ongoing sales and technical support. Our nationwide channel team is dedicated to supporting the growth of your business and provides industry-leading commissions and incentives.

Don’t Leave Money on the Table

If you aren’t taking advantage of the growing CCaaS market by partnering with a reputable CCaaS provider like Broadvoice, you’re leaving money on the table. Businesses large and small can benefit from the extensive collaboration and customer support features of a CCaaS solution like GoContact.

Contact us to learn more about growing your CCaaS client base with GoContact.

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