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Evolve Your SMB Clients’ Communications Strategy with Hosted PBX

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SMBs are constantly growing and expanding their businesses, and they need technology that keeps up with these changes. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce found that 93% of small business owners use at least one technology platform. What’s more, 84% of small businesses using technology platforms had increased profits, sales, and employment.

As a trusted partner, it’s your job to make sure your clients have flexible and affordable technology solutions that set them up for success.

The answer is hosted PBX.

With hosted PBX, your clients can communicate with employees and customers from any device at any time. Plus, they can keep their competitive edge with advantages like 24/7 access, cost savings, and reliability.

As a communications partner, you’re supposed to help clients understand what hosted PBX is without all the jargon and fluff. We’ve created this quick guide to help you.

What is Hosted PBX?

Technically, hosted PBX means “hosted private branch exchange,” but that doesn’t actually tell us much. In simpler terms, it’s a cloud-based switchboard hosted on a VOIP provider’s server in an off-site data center. Think of it like a modern switchboard system or telephone line exchange hosted on an external VoIP server.

It’s often called a cloud PBX or hosted VoIP. Or some folks just say they need to “move their business communications to the cloud.” Either way, it’s all the same principle: a full phone system that runs over the internet without the hardware and labor of a traditional PBX.

For more information about hosted PBX from Broadvoice, check out this page.

4 Benefits of Hosted PBX

Your clients are probably ready to move to the cloud with hosted PBX, but if they aren’t fully convinced, here are a few talking points to bring up.

1. Reduced Costs

Most people assume that advanced technology and snazzy features mean high costs. That isn’t the case with cloud communications. In fact, most cloud solutions are more affordable than older analog and wireline products.

On-site business phone systems are expensive and need ongoing upgrades and maintenance. Clients pay for installation, equipment, service arrangements, and IT labor costs — all of which disappear with hosted PBX. Clients that invest in cloud communications also save money on infrastructure and maintenance costs. And they say goodbye to expensive fees for unlimited local, long-distance, and international calls.

2. Remote Capabilities

In the aftermath of the pandemic, more and more businesses turned to hybrid and remote work models and the technology to support it. With hosted PBX, clients can communicate with their teams and customers wherever they are using an IP phone or softphone app. This also means teams can access the apps, platforms, and workflows they need to be productive. Cloud communications systems let companies run operations smoothly while providing a consistent presence regardless of location.

3. Reliability

Businesses can lose a lot of money with internet downtime, and your clients have probably experienced the pains of outages. With hosted PBX, companies can be confident in their phone system during power outages due to fires, natural disasters, and more.

This is because hosted PBX is geo-redundant — they have multiple servers in various locations. So even if there’s a problem at one data center, service runs as usual.

4. Customization

With cloud capabilities, your clients can choose the features and functionality they need for their phone system. This flexibility increases their efficiency and productivity.

For example, your clients can have telephony, UC, collaboration, and virtual call center features in one platform with a hosted PBX phone system. And since it’s in the cloud, their system will update automatically, keeping them on par with the latest technology and features.

Helping your clients understand the features and capabilities of hosted PBX gives them useful information and helps strengthen your relationship. For some businesses, moving to the cloud is the first step in a digital transformation, putting the power for growth in their hands and yours.

To learn more about how to evolve your clients’ communications strategy with Broadvoice products, reach out to your Channel Manager.

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