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Exciting product updates at Broadvoice shared by the CPO, George Mitsopoulos

We had the opportunity to sit down with our Chief Product Officer, George Mitsopoulos, to learn more about the new product features and enhancements at Broadvoice.

Broadvoice believes that a more connected business sparks meaningful human interactions and delivers better results.

We continually listen to customer feedback and partner experiences with our products to tailor our tech stack to simplify and improve business communications.

As we look to better our products, we focus on the customer and partner perspective to understand how we can consistently deliver optimal solutions.

We anticipate how customers are using our communication platform to best serve their customers, and we focus on our partner community as the trusted advisors for our mutual customers that intimately understand their needs.

Enhanced analytics and reporting

The b-hive Communicator platform provides real-time, granular analytics for business operations. The embedded analytics capability allows a business to look at call patterns from an hour ago, a day ago, etc. – to track, course correct, zoom in, and improve service levels. This capability leads to fewer abandoned calls and better overall call quality.

Now, employees are empowered to personalize each phone call with the power of data.

Empower partners to be the trusted tech advisor for the customer

George said, “Enhanced analytics and reporting give a business the power to access real-time metrics. These are critical to making key business decisions and providing the best level of customer service. From a customer perspective, a small contact center that is not leveraging analytics risks inefficient staffing and workflow, adding unnecessary stress and anxiety to their customers. From a partner perspective, we strive to empower our partners to create holistic solutions that improve the satisfaction of not only the end customer but also the employee serving those customers. This positions our partners as the trusted tech advisor for the customer.“

Enhanced integrations

The most recent product milestone at Broadvoice has been the Microsoft Teams integration with b-hive. George said, “MS Teams has 270 million users that have adopted the MS Teams ecosystem for their desktop and mobile collaboration. Now, Broadvoice can power our voice offering in MS Teams. From an IT perspective, this ensures a holistic, cloud-based solution where they can manage their video, collaboration, and voice services all from a single application.”

Historically, there has been a proliferation of users that have adopted MS Teams as a collaboration tool during the pandemic. As society is nearing the other side of the pandemic, businesses are looking to grow and consolidate their tech solutions.

As a reaction to the pandemic, businesses had to make quick decisions about how to adapt to a fully remote environment which led to disparate systems, and consequently, the employee experience suffered.

Deliver a cost-efficient solution for partners with MS Teams integration

MS Teams is a trusted hub for collaboration across an organization. Now, Broadvoice enables businesses to manage and operate business communications from a single place of contact.

George elaborated on the benefits of the MS Teams integration, “For partners, the MS Teams integration is about cost-efficiency. MS Teams provides great employee experience and empowers those employees to be put in a position to provide a great customer experience. Whether the customer enhances an existing Broadvoice phone system or brings MS Teams voice capability into that collaboration ecosystem, it is about creating a holistic solution.“

Broadvoice partners are trusted advisors for the product team

George continued, “We believe our partners are trusted advisors for customers. They are also trusted advisors for the product team. We look to our partners to provide feedback that helps improve the Broadvoice experience and integrate that feedback into many of the solutions that we bring to market. At the end of the day, our product team, partners, and customers share the same vision of utilizing technology to create better employee and customer experiences and in turn more meaningful human connections. “

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