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Ensuring Customer Success Is the Broadvoice Difference

Customer service is the name of the game in today’s competitive market. According to Deloitte, implementing a customer-success approach will drive long-term customer value over the next several years.

Broadvoice is committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences with our innovative cloud communications solutions, industry-leading engineering and deployment processes, and award-winning Broadvoice Success Program.

Our focus is on supporting customers beyond the sales cycle and throughout their journey. We recently spoke with the Vice President of Client Engagement at Broadvoice, Sheila Williams, about how our end-to-end approach to serving clients sets us apart.

Supporting Clients Throughout the Customer Lifecycle

Once a customer finishes their 90-day onboarding, Williams and her client engagement team take over. In the interview, she highlighted three ways Broadvoice’s approach makes a difference for clients.

1. The Broadvoice support team is involved from the beginning.

Supporting client experiences begins well before our solutions are ready for market.

“When we put together a new go-to-market product or add a new feature or integration, my team is at every development meeting,” said Williams. “We put every member of our customer support team through product training to ensure that anyone who interacts with customers has been trained on every product, whether it’s an entirely new product or a new feature. We go through training to understand the product from the customer’s perspective, and we ensure our product training protocol is useful and understandable.”

When Broadvoice launched GoContact in early 2023, the support team was already familiar with it because they had not only gone through user training but had been using it in their own call center for a year.

2. Broadvoice’s support team is a single point of contact.

The support team is trained to answer inquiries and troubleshoot issues for all Broadvoice solutions, including third-party integrations. Broadvoice recently launched Zapier and Webhooks integrations to enable seamless cross-platform functionality within the b-hive platform.

“As customers of Zapier, we work directly with Zapier to troubleshoot for our end-users — our partners’ customers. We look at our product integrations as part of our solution, not something outside of Broadvoice.” She added, “We don’t want our customers to go outside Broadvoice when they have questions. We want our support team to be so well-versed in all our integrations that it isn’t necessary.”

Broadvoice works directly with the provider to stay updated on changes and issues with integrations so that our support team can be the single source for answers and remediation.

“We never want our customers to go to the back-end provider,” said Williams. “We want to own troubleshooting from beginning to end.”

3. Broadvoice gives partners a choice for customer account management.

Broadvoice partners have a range of business models: some prefer to have us provide direct support to their customers, while others want to be the one-call provider for their clients.

“We accommodate all scenarios,” said Williams. “If a partner wants to be more directly involved in managing their customers’ environment and wants to be the front-end person, then we work with them. If a partner wants us to work directly with their customers, we do that as well. We talk to anyone with a problem, and my team resolves it. That’s our job.”

As a trusted adviser, you want to provide your customers with reliable solutions, but you also want to give them exceptional support. You shouldn’t have to pick and choose, and your clients shouldn’t either. Broadvoice offers innovative solutions and outstanding support for you and your clients.

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