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Enable Your Customers to Unlock the Power of Their Call Data with Zapier and Webhooks Integrations

The software as a service (SaaS) workplace is here to stay. According to the 2021 State of SaaSOps report, not only has the proliferation of SaaS apps increased since 2017, but business clients use, on average, 110 SaaS apps to help run their businesses. Each of these apps offers value to businesses, but their benefits would exponentially increase if the apps could “talk” to each other and share data. While integrations between applications aren’t new, they aren’t always easy to implement.

Broadvoice has addressed this issue by enabling quick connections between the b-hive platform and other business apps using Zapier and Webhooks integrations. These simple tools allow your clients to leverage the power of their call data while your technology agency uses them to drive UCaaS sales.

The Benefits of Broadvoice Zapier Integration

Zapier is an automation platform that connects more than 5,000 commercial apps and transfers data between them without the need for coding. Broadvoice b-hive now supports Zapier integrations, allowing call data to be shared and utilized by business apps designed for storage, customer relationship management, marketing automation, collaboration, and more.

Here are some examples of how Broadvoice Zapier Integration enables your clients to streamline workflows and improve productivity:

  • Log calls into a spreadsheet such as Google sheets in real-time
  • Archive call recordings into a storage account like Dropbox
  • Transfer call logs to a CRM such as Microsoft Dynamics
  • Generate a lead in a marketing automation system like HubSpot when a call is missed
  • Automatically email a designated party when a call is missed
  • Send a message to a shared channel in a collaboration platform like Slack when a support call is missed

Configuring b-hive’s Zapier integration is simple. The easy-to-use interface enables you or your clients to set up triggers (“Zaps”) that initiate one or more actions or workflows. Enabling a Zap configures it to run the action steps every time the trigger event occurs. Zaps can be created at the user and account levels. Individual users can tie their phones to call events that can be consumed, which triggers Zaps. On the account level, admins can consume all call events for the account/Zap or just their individual user events. Zapier integrations are included at no additional cost for pro seats and above.

The Benefits of Broadvoice Webhooks Integration

Broadvoice b-hive also supports Webhooks, which fill in the gaps left by Zapier. Webhooks function similarly to APIs with a few subtle differences. While APIs poll b-hive for call data when another app needs it, Webhooks automatically push the call data to the business app. Once enabled, Webhooks eliminate the need to constantly check for new information — either manually or with an application.

Broadvoice Webhooks enable your clients to automate workflows, improving sales and support processes. Here are a few use cases:

  • A law office can configure b-hive to automatically send call recordings to a designated online storage location to satisfy regulatory compliance requirements.
  • A pharmacy can automatically save faxed prescriptions to its pharmacy management system.
  • An insurance adjuster can send photos via SMS and automatically save them to an office server for record retention.
  • An office sales manager can automatically import call detail records (CDRs) into a spreadsheet for later analysis.

Unlike Zaps, Webhooks require some coding and are generally used by larger companies with internal IT staff or third-party advisors. Webhooks are included for all b-hive seats at no extra cost and are customizable at the account level.

Partner Opportunities with Broadvoice Zapier Integration and Webhooks

As a technology adviser, your value proposition to your clients hinges on your ability to help them solve business problems using technology.

When you sell a license to Broadvoice b-hive, you’re not just selling a phone system but a productive and cost-effective way for your clients to communicate and collaborate with their internal and external teams, suppliers, and customers.

By introducing Zapier and Webhooks integrations, b-hive has become an even more valuable tool for your clients, improving client satisfaction and revenue retention.

Showcasing integration tools to your clients shows that you’re focused on more than selling a phone system — you’re focused on their business outcomes and helping them streamline their workflows while improving sales and support levels. Because of this, you will be their go-to consultant the next time they need help.

By helping your customers connect their business apps with Broadvoice b-hive call data, you can help them automate sales and support tasks and improve their day-to-day workflows and productivity. As a result, you become a trusted adviser, which helps improve customer retention and drive new sales.

Contact us to learn more about how you can help your customers improve processes, productivity, and profitability with Broadvoice’s Zapier and Webhooks integrations.

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