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CXHub Can Remedy Client’s Staffing Challenges

With the addition of CXHub, Broadvoice partners can now power their clients’ entire customer experience. CXHub is a global business process outsourcing (BPO) marketplace that streamlines contact center outsourcing and other labor needs by solving some of the critical staffing challenges clients face, including:

  • Seasonal product incentives, new product launches, and special offers that result in increased call volumes.
  • Market expansions that require in-market hours of operation or new language skills.
  • Emergencies or unplanned events (such as product recalls) that increase call volumes and require experienced agents to interact with unhappy customers.

With CXHub, partners can help their clients respond to these fluctuations by:

  • Filling gaps in labor and staffing.
  • Streamlining time-consuming outsourcing tasks.
  • Offering a comprehensive contact center solution with the Broadvoice CCaaS platform and outsourced staffing from CXHub.

Fill Gaps in Labor and Staffing

CXHub enables partners to meet their client’s inbound and outbound staff augmentation needs by providing full outsourcing, volume overflow, after-hours support, and more.

While outsourcing is a smart alternative to hiring, it comes with challenges when done using traditional methods. CXHub offers a streamlined and cost-effective outsourcing model that partners can provide to clients, differentiating partners’ portfolio of solutions and increasing their revenue.

Streamline Time-Consuming Outsourcing Tasks

CXHub gives clients access to a marketplace of nearly 200 pre-vetted BPOs for their staff augmentation and labor needs and an expert team to help manage the process.

This online marketplace transforms the contact center outsourcing process. Instead of issuing standard RFPs, inviting a shortlist of vendors to respond, and spending 6 to 12 weeks on manual evaluations, CXHub enables clients to:

  • Simultaneously cast RFPs to 10X the usual number of companies, all pre-vetted and hand-selected to meet their specific criteria.
  • Complete RFPs in one-tenth the time with an advanced RFP engine that is pre-connected to 200+ BPOs.
  • Expedite contracting using their own master services agreement (MSA) or the standard MSA found in the marketplace.
  • Leverage marketplace dynamics to drive performance, pricing, and flexibility.
  • Onboard and scale with greater ease and speed.
  • Easily adjust their BPO portfolio to fit their changing business needs.

CXHub Provides a Comprehensive Contact Center Solution

By addressing their clients’ technology and labor pain points, partners can be seen as a consultative resource rather than a technology vendor, giving them a competitive advantage while driving customer loyalty. Broadvoice partners can be set apart from other suppliers and partners by offering their clients an omnichannel contact center solution with Broadvoice CCaaS and solving their staff and labor challenges with CXHub.

Visit our page to learn more about how CXHub can help you win and keep more contact center clients.

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