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Customer Kits: An Easier Way to Connect

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Sure, not being able to get face-to-face meetings right now is less than ideal. We want to help our partners transcend the moment, setting the bar for building better connections by giving partners personal ways to stay in touch with their customers and prospects at this critical time.

We want to help partners keep their prospects organized, informed, and confident during the process, the momentum can swing our way.

The Broadvoice partner portal hosts a brilliant feature for bringing a bit of organization and a nice personal touch to your exchanges with a prospect: customer kits!

A customer kit is a simple landing page that you can quickly customize in order to make the exchange of sales materials a more useful and frictionless experience. Customer kits are easy as pie to set up—easier, actually—and eliminate challenges around hosting and sending large files. No more downloading, editing, zipping, or link permissions management required.

Here’s how to create a customer kit. 

Sign up.
Begin with a visit to the partner portal located at partners.broadvoice.com. We’re not telling you what to do or anything, but it’s a resource worthy of a bookmark!  

If this is your first time here, please register for an account or reach out to your channel manager for assistance. We’ll get you up and running in no time.  

Partner Portal login page


Fill out your profile.
Once your account is set up and/or you’re logged in, take a moment to double check or fill in your profile information. Customer kits use your profile information as the contact section within the customer kit. Upload your picture and it’ll show right alongside your info on the landing page. Hello, prospect!

profile menu click

Create and Customize
Visit Customer Kits in the left sidebar navigation. This is where you’ll not only build custom kits based on the person you’re speaking with, but also a place to manage and reuse existing kits.

Let’s add a new kit. Our very first. Take in the moment.

Click ADD NEW and use the form to customize the top of your landing page with a message for your customer and even a video if you’d like. Don’t be shy! Your smartphone will do the trick just fine, and it makes for a nice touch.

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New Customer kit image

Scroll down just a bit and you’ll find the fields for adding Broadvoice sales, marketing, and onboarding materials—exactly what your prospect needs. You can attach entire folders, or handpick assets that’ll be most useful to your reader.  

Satisfied? Hit the button to SHARE CUSTOMER KIT. 

create customer files page


Share Your Kit.
Once you’ve hit that button—BOOM!—you’ve built a web page. You didn’t think you’d ever do such a thing, but remember that we believed in you.

The orange Email Link button in the top right will set you up with a new message, including the URL of your new landing page. Edit the page all you’d like, and the link will stay the same, acting as a hub for your exchange with your customer.

And on the customer kit dashboard, you can view all your kits—even the number of views—to edit or reuse as you please.

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Get link image

Customers can download all assets with one click or view them in the browser, while also getting an at-a-glance contact sheet for you.

Customer kits are a simple technological convenience that makes the sales journey a more brilliant experience for potential buyers. Especially while comparison shopping, it makes things much easier for the prospect.

And that’s always a win.

Be brilliant about the way you connect.

Our team loves to talk. Let’s chat about the VoIP solution that’s right for your business.

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