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CPExpo Recap: A Sneak Peek at our 2024 Roadmap

CPExpo Roadmap Review

Thanks for another incredible year at Channel Partners Expo! We saw so many familiar faces and met a few new ones, too. Take a look at our wrap-up (and shout out if you see yourself in it).

A Sneak Peek at our 2024 Roadmap

While at CPExpo, we talked a lot about what’s coming to our CX solution. If we missed you, though, here’s a quick rundown. Or, as always, feel free to reach out to your channel manager for all the details.

Workforce Management

We’re bringing a comprehensive workforce management (WFM) tool to our CCaaS platform. It’s designed to help your clients optimize their scheduling processes, monitor agent performance, and improve agent engagement.

What it does 

  • Agent scheduling
  • Performance analytics
  • Quality assurance
  • Gamification

How it helps

  • Simplify scheduling. Help your clients align agent schedules with their unique needs to make sure they can meet service level agreements without under or overstaffing.
  • Provide insight into agent performance. Give your clients real-time visibility into their agent performance so they can ID training gaps, call out top performers, and maintain high service quality.
  • Boost agent engagement. Through gamification, aligned metrics, and real-time reporting, your clients can help their agents feel more empowered, engaged, and motivated to do their job. And that’s critical for reducing the industry’s sky-high turnover rates and improving their customer service outcomes.

Analytics (Powered by BrightMetrics)

We’ve partnered with BrightMetrics to add deep analytics to our CX solution. That means, your clients can track customer interactions across platforms and map customer journeys from cradle to grave to optimize their customer experience.

What it does 

  • Real-time data
  • Auto reports
  • Customized analytics
  • Threshold alerts
  • Call journey mapping
  • Performance management

How it helps

  • Make data-backed decisions. Help clients spot trends, make real-time tweaks, and drive long-term strategic success to their customer experience.
  • Optimize customer journeys. Give clients an omnichannel view of their customers’ path so they can design low-effort experiences at every touchpoint.
  • Monitor agent performance. Let centers see how their agents perform, in the moment and over time, to streamline their customer operations.

Call Analytics

Powered by AI, call analytics provides critical insights into customer interactions through sentiment analysis, transcript generation, key topics detection, call summaries, and PII identification in call recordings.

What it does 

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Transcript generation
  • Key topic detection
  • Call summary
  • PII detection

How it helps

  • Improve operational efficiency. Call analytics automates quality assurance and reduces manual efforts, helping your clients reduce costs.
  • Tailor customer interactions. Clients can use Call analytics to understand sentiments, find key discussion points, and ensure sensitive information’s security.
  • Make data-backed decisions. Your clients can make informed decisions with detailed analytics on customer calls, letting them take swift action on feedback and trends.
  • Boost security and compliance. Enhance your clients’ compliance with regulations by identifying and managing personal identifiable information (PII) effectively.

Go.AI Self-Service Portal

We’re making our AI-driven flow builder accessible to users. The self-service portal lets your clients independently design, build, and publish their workflows online.

What it does 

  • Self-service architecture
  • Scalable growth framework
  • Natural language processing
  • Text-to-speech
  • Automatic speech recognition

How it helps

  • Access a self-service architecture. Your clients can autonomously access GoFlow to create and manage their workflows.
  • Give iterative feedback. The solution adds a feedback mechanism inside the platform, letting (and encouraging) users to share their experiences and suggestions for improvement.
  • Scalaby grow. The self-service portal lets your clients adopt a structure that supports growth, whether they’re a small business, mid-sized enterprise, or a BPO.

Agent Assist

Coming later this year, Agent Assist is an AI-powered tool designed to supplement your clients’ operations by providing real-time support to their agents during customer interactions. It adds instant suggestions, a comprehensive knowledge base, sentiment analysis, call summarization, and performance analytics to enhance service quality and efficiency.

What it does 

  • Instant suggestions through AI
  • Knowledge base integration
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Call summarization
  • Performance analytics

How it helps

  • Reduce information overload. Cut the mental load for agents by giving them relevant data in real time.
  • Improve agent understanding. Using Agent Assist your clients can give agents easy access to understand and respond to customer emotions more effectively, improving customer satisfaction.
  • Improve call efficiency. Streamline call handling by summarizing key points and action items, to ensure follow-ups are concise and targeted.
  • Boost agent skills. Improve your client’s agent performance by highlighting areas for improvement and facilitating professional growth.

Go.AI Post-Call QA

Designed to improve agent performance and ensure consistent service delivery, our post-call QA uses AI and automation to evaluate calls. That then gives your clients a scalable solution for assessing and improving customer interactions.

What it does 

  • Automated evaluation
  • Customizable scoring parameters
  • Feedback mechanism
  • Trend analysis

How it helps 

  • Identify efficiency gaps. Clients can streamline their QA process and reduce the time and resources they need for manual call evaluations.
  • Prevent inconsistent evaluations. Post-call QA standardizes your clients’ evaluations using customizable scoring parameters, which ensures fairness and consistency across agents.
  • Get actionable feedback. Let your clients give direct and constructive feedback to their agents.

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