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In Search of an Apology-free Hosted VoIP Implementation

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We get it. You’ve done your part. You found the customer, discovered their need, teed up the Hosted VoIP solution and got their signature on the bottom line. It’s time for the VoIP provider to do their part, so at cutover everything works and you don’t have to say, “I’m sorry.” 

What you and your customer are looking for is an apology-free hosted VoIP implementation.

We’re working hard to redefine the industry standard for VoIP implementation. Instead of DIY dropshipped phones as the default, we’ve made it an option and then only with a dedicated resource to help via phone. Our goal is to offer the service you expect.   

We are re-evaluating the VoIP implementation process and have added checks and balances at every critical potential point of failure. And, we’ve hired people to manage each phase of the implementation and to be accountable for its success. We’ve invested in solutions architects, technical implementation specialists, service coordinators and installers who are dedicated to making your client’s transition to hosted VoIP as painless as is humanly possible.  

At Broadvoice, we believe the success of your client’s implementation starts well before they’ve signed on the dotted linenot when it’s set up. We not only train our internal team, but we’ll train you, our sales partner and your team, about what it takes to be VoIP Ready,” so that your clients’ calls, conferences and chats work every time, all the time.  

So, here’s what an apology-free VoIP implementation looks like: 

  • Our channel managers are available to meet with your client.  They are prepared to discuss their business objectives and how we can support them with anywhere, anytime communications. And, the team begins building your client’s Technology Profile, noting their needs and network environment.
  • When your client inevitably agrees with your persuasive proposal, we confirm that their network is ready to transition to VoIP and add those details to their Technology ProfileWe take the time to learn about their system.
  • Next, we invite your customer to a design call. We discuss the lines, phones, locations, call flows, etc., that make up their configuration. All decisions are logged in their Technology Profile.
  • We then test to make sure that the network is VoIP Ready, and everything is working well. If not, we work with you and your client to make adjustments. Test results and any changes are added to their Technology Profile.
  • If requestedwe can even do an on-site survey of your client’s network to make sure it’s ready for VoIP before we set an installation date.
  • On installation day, our technicians are available to talk your customer through installation or, if the customer opts for professional installation,  we go to your client’s physical offices to ensure the phones and call flows are set up correctly. The installation workbook is then added to their Technology Profile.
  • For the next few weeks, we make sure that your client’s admins and staff are trained to use the system and it’s working as promised.  

So, what’s the Technology Profile?

Good question. We keep that digital file up-to-date so you and anyone on our team knows exactly how your client’s hosted VoIP deployment looks – from the network to the configuration to the operation. This information is key to maintaining a quality experience as their business grows and changes. When you want to sell them more seats, for example, you’ll know if their network can handle it or if you need to recommend a bandwidth upgrade or SD-WAN solution as well. 

Although we can’t guarantee that everything goes right 100 percent of the time, we’re intent on not only reducing the points of friction between you and your clients but delivering a positive customer experience that helps you win a client (and a recurring commission) for life. And, if we really did our job right, a glowing referral or two. 

Deliver. Delight. Repeat.

Be brilliant about the way you connect.

Our team loves to talk. Let’s chat about the VoIP solution that’s right for your business.

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