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Take your customer experience to the next level.

Integrate b-hive calling functions with Zoho business processes to improve agent productivity and personalize customer interactions.

Connect with your

customers directly in Zoho.

The b-hive UCaaS and virtual call center platform enhances the power of Zoho with native calling capabilities. This means you can store, track, and analyze customer interactions and initiate calls with the click of a button — all within the Zoho interface.

Customer Interactions

Screen pops match incoming calls to customer accounts for faster, more personalized service.

Outbound Dialing

Directly call phone numbers in customer records and eliminate manual dialing with click-to-call.

Contact Records

Streamline call logging with automatic prompts to keep customer account records up to date.

Leverage the key functionalities of

Zoho and b-hive.

Initiate outbound
calls with ease.

Click-to-call allows you to click on phone numbers in Zoho customer account records and complete calls using the b-hive softphone.

Click-to-call enables you to:

  • Reduce errors and save time by removing the need to manually copy and paste or enter phone numbers.
  • Eliminate switching between phones and apps, which improves productivity.
  • Simplify customer outreach, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales and service representatives.

Have customer information
at the ready.

Screen pops match inbound calls with customer records in Zoho and display —”pop” — that information on the agent’s screen.

Screen pop enables you to:

  • Personalize your responses to callers’ specific needs with instant access to their account information.
  • Shorten call handling times with quicker and more accurate responses.
  • Eliminate the need for callers to repeat their account information, which improves customer satisfaction.

Update customer accounts
with automatic prompts.

Call disposition prompts agents to enter call notes/details, which are automatically attached to the account record in Zoho.

Call disposition enables you to:

  • Track customer preferences and pain points to personalize future interactions and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Ensure customer account records are accurate and up to date, improving the overall quality of the data.
  • Leverage call data to enhance reporting and analytics and inform strategic decision-making.
  • Add follow-up activities such as calls, events, or tasks to ensure customers’ needs are met and improve the customer experience.

Ready to leverage the calling capabilities of b-hive in Zoho?

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Want to explore the

Zoho integration more in-depth?

See below for more resources, or reach out for a personal demonstration.
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b-hive/Zoho Integration

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b-hive/Zoho Integration

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