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H U M A N – I – T

Transforming e-waste
into opportunities.

Through our partnership with human-I-T, we provide customers and partners with an eco-friendly way to dispose of their hardware.

Human-I-T is a nonprofit

and social enterprise.

Human-I-T helps create equitable access to opportunities by providing devices, Internet access, digital skills training,
and tech support to communities on the other side of the digital divide. At the same time, they empower businesses
and organizations to do their part to protect our planet by diverting technology from landfills.


tech items distributed


households assisted with
Internet access


technology donations processed


tech support tickets


pounds of e-waste diverted
from landfills

Broadvoice customers and partners can

recycle and donate their technology.

An eco-friendly way
to dispose of hardware.

Human-I-T will refurbish and refresh your devices and hardware and then distribute them to local communities and nonprofits in need. Items you can donate include:

  • PBX systems  
  • Routers  
  • Handsets
  • Switches  
  • Laptops and desktops

Make a difference for those who need it most.

Your donation is tax-deductible and helps provide individuals and communities with access to low-cost
Internet connections, digital training, and 1:1 tech support. With your donation, individuals can:

  •  Access education materials and resources.
  •  Access healthcare services.
  •  Find and train for employment opportunities.

The process is simple.

Here’s how it works:

  • Use the form below to schedule a pickup.
  • Human-I-T collects the technology.
  • Any sensitive data is securely wiped using DoD
    and HIPAA-compliant NIST 800-88 software.
  • Receive an itemized, tax-deductible receipt along
    with a certificate of data destruction.
  • Your e-waste is used to narrow the digital divide.

Learn more about our

partnership with human-I-T.

See below for more information, or reach out to one of our consultants.
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Check out our press release that outlines
our partnership with human-I-T.
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Check out our blog post for more
information on e-waste.