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Sienna Garden (Park at 55th) Apartments



Sienna Garden (Park At 55th) Apartments feature one and two bedroom apartment homes that offer residents a great living space and an active community lifestyle. They are located in the heart of Glendale, Arizona and close to Westgate City Center with plenty of shopping, dining, and entertainment. Since they serve several residents and work closely with sister sites, Sienna Garden Apartments needed a flexible and reliable all-in-one communications provider.

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The Challenge

As a busy apartment complex with sister sites, staff at Sienna Garden (Park at 55th) Apartments are constantly answering phones, faxing, and checking rental and employment verifications for incoming residents. With so many different responsibilities, a modern and reliable communications system is vital to their success. 

The Solution

Prior to Broadvoice, Sienna Garden Apartments relied on Cox to stay connected but they constantly ran into issues with their phones and lacked many essential features they needed.  

“Cox would go down at least once a month and nothing ever worked right. When the system would come back online, our phones would still be down and we would need to reboot them all. It was always such a big hassle to get Cox to help us. 

Erika Hawks, Community Manager

Broadvoice easily solved these problems with our all-in-one unified communications solution. Now if the apartment complex’s internet goes down, they still have access to their phones due to our 4G failover so local internet and phone outages don’t impact their service.

“Since switching to Broadvoice, we haven’t had any issues.” 

Erika Hawks, Community Manager

And they have access to a more modern and feature-rich system built for busy offices like them. Using Broadvoice, Sienna Garden Apartments can use the call parking feature to allow staff to pick up calls in different offices, which is extremely advantageous for managing several complexes with multiple offices.

The Results

The shift to Broadvoice was quick and seamless, plus the system’s mobility and ease of use across the desktop and mobile app proved especially beneficial once the COVID-19 pandemic began. The flexibility allowed their leasing agent to successfully work from home while out on COVID protocol allowing them to continue their business operations with little interruption.

“Being able to make and take phone calls from home using the Broadvoice mobile app saved the day during COVID.” 

Erika Hawks, Community Manager

The Broadvoice mobile app has also been particularly useful when staff members are out of office—walking around the property or dealing with maintenance requests—by allowing them to continue to answer calls. Even when showing a unit to a potential resident, Erika is able to pick up phone calls that come into her office. 

“I can answer the phone when I’m out and about, so I’m still able to provide that great customer service no matter where I’m at.” 

Erika Hawks, Community Manager

Another notable feature is our fax feature. As an apartment complex, staff often have to fax documents for rental and employment verification. Before Broadvoice, if a fax got lost, that was it. There was only one fax and they would need to call the business to re-send the fax, eating up valuable time and resources. Now, they can have all faxes sent directly to their emails ensuring no fax is misplaced or lost.

At the end of the day, what really cinched the deal for Sienna Garden Apartments was our price.

“Broadvoice is SO MUCH more affordable. I pay all the bills so I know what we were paying before and to see what we are paying now for more modern features, the price difference is mind-blowing.” 

Erika Hawks, Community Manager

Ultimately, Sienna Garden Apartments switched to a more reliable phone system with better customer service and features—all for a fraction of the price than they were paying with Cox.  

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