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North Light Community Center



North Light Community Center empowers people of all ages and abilities in their communities, especially those most in need, to reach their fullest potential as productive and responsible citizens through initiatives that support and enrich children, teens, and families.

The Challenge

North Light Community Center had an outdated, hardwired phone system. Since there was no way of connecting with participants while out of office, staff members were forced to give out their personal cell numbers blurring the line between work life and home life. North Light Community Center required a solution that allowed staff to work from anywhere, while also protecting their personal information.

The Solution

Thanks to our Broadvoice mobile app, staff can stay connected and take business calls from their personal device—all while using their business phone number.

“We serve people who need vital resources. Using Broadvoice, we can be accessible to them without providing personal information. It allows us to be able to create a healthy work/life balance.”

Annie Schuster, Director of Development

Our unified communications mobile app has also made it easier for staff to conduct work while they are out in the community and away from their office.

“Our full-time staff members use the mobile app while on the go. I like it because it’s so easy to see everything from one place. Before the app, it was much more cumbersome to check my voicemail and missed calls. Now, I can carry my personal phone around and check everything from there.” 

Annie Schuster, Director of Development

The Results

North Light Community Center now has a unified communications solution that allows them to work from anywhere, and all from their business phone number. Plus, it’s helped streamline their communications so there’s less back and forth, making it easier for participants to reach the right person or extension when calling the center.

Using our voicemail forwarding function, staff can easily forward a voicemail to the correct person. Often people who call into the community center will be trying to reach a specific individual, but they will dial the wrong extension and leave a voicemail on the wrong line.

“It’s so easy to forward a voicemail to someone else using the Broadvoice platform.” 

Annie Schuster, Director of Development

Rather than requiring staff to write down the message and be in charge of relaying those important details to the right staff member, they can now simply forward the message in its entirety to the correct staff member ensuring nothing gets lost in translation.

Another huge benefit is our virtual fax feature that makes faxing a breeze.

“Many of our participants don’t have access to email, so it’s nice to have this feature available to our participants, especially when they need to submit documentation with confidential information.”

Annie Schuster, Director of Development

Broadvoice has been such a gamechanger for North Light Community Center because it allows staff to be available to their participants at any time or anywhere without a dedicated work phone.

“I love it! It’s so helpful because we don’t have to have a personal cell phone and work cell phone, but we also don’t have to share our personal numbers. I did not have that at my last job and I had to give out my personal number, which led to people calling me for everything, and at inappropriate times. Using Broadvoice, I can still be connected and answer those calls, but I can maintain a work-life balance.”

Annie Schuster, Director of Development

At the end of the day, North Light Community Center staff appreciates how our app is accessible both on mobile and desktop devices. Now they don’t need to worry about being out of office because they can take calls from anywhere and on any device—all using their business phone number.

“Everyone is really pleased with how seamlessly we can work from different locations without having someone cover our line or constantly forwarding our calls. We can each do our part from wherever we are working from.”

Annie Schuster, Director of Development

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