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Henley Enterprises


Based in the Boston area, Henley, dba, Valvoline Instant Oil Change, is known as a stay-in-your-car solution for all preventative maintenance needs. With 200+ locations in 11 states across the United States, maintaining reliable and unified communication is essential to business.

Locations Nationwide
Remote Team Members
Costs Reduction

The Challenge

As the business has continued to grow and expand, communication became harder because each store, as a stand-alone location, had their own communication vendor and there was no centralized management.

The Solution

Henley needed a unified communications platform that was feature-rich and cost-efficient, supported many devices, facilitated ease of organization, and offered self-service, for installations and changes.

Robert, CIO and VP of Technology at Henley Enterprises, worked directly with Broadvoice on setting up the b-hive portal, so that each store received a unique five-digit extension that matched their region and store identifier. These extensions allowed all 200 + locations to be easily identifiable and make dialing between them effortless. Regular users have four-digit extensions and global speed dial numbers have two-digit extensions. This platform has unified communications in a way that was simple to use and remember.

Prior to Broadvoice, no unified mobile solution existed for workers away from their desk or location, which led to missed calls. Using the b-hive mobile app has enabled, employees to use their mobile device as an office phone. Employees can now make and receive calls on their work number whenever they were. They also enjoy access to all the Broadvoice features, such as conference calling and call transfer.

“Trying to remember all the DIDs for a particular store was difficult.

Our area managers love the b-hive mobile app, because when they are out in the field, and they need to call a store, they just dial the store identifier. They do not have to build a contact list of all the DIDs. With everybody working remote, it’s a great feature.” (Robert Reeder, CIO and VP of Technology).

Henley Enterprises also uses MS Teams to collaborate between locations and employees. With the b-hive integration for MS teams, Henley can take their collaboration to the next level—mirroring their b-hive setup on MS Teams. This allows remote workers without company cell phones, to use Broadvoice for their communication. They get the benefit of unified communications without tying up their personal home or cell phone.

“The people out in the field who use Broadvoice say it’s so much easier to contact the store. It’s important because the stores only check their emails as they have the time.”(Robert Reeder, CIO and VP of Technology).

Under their old provider, Henley could not make changes independently. The change process was time consuming. With Broadvoice, Henley can log-in to the b-hive portal and make any changes, instantly. Henley can setup a new service center, secure a DID, and provision a phone in a matter of minutes.

Broadvoice has configured the initial set of phones and they started working right away.

“I was surprised how painless it was. And if we wanted to change anything, we just got on the portal and changed it ourselves. We forward all our service center public numbers to a Valvoline call center. Broadvoice was the only vendor we spoke with that showed us how simple, cost-efficient, and easily manageable it was to execute.” (Robert Reeder, CIO and VP of Technology).

The Results

These changes make Henley’s employees happy because they can communicate efficiently and in the way they want, and they make the IT department happy because they can centrally manage all communications.

  • Improved and unified communication
  • Cost savings
  • Easy installation
  • Reliability
  • Being able to operate effectively

Client about us

“The people out in the field who use Broadvoice say it's so much easier to contact the store.”

Robert Reeder
CIO and VP of Technology, Henley Enterprises

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