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Chabot Federal Credit Union and Broadvoice.

Chabot Federal Credit Union


As a not-for-profit financial institution, Chabot Federal Credit Union believes in providing a secure, easy and successful banking experience for their members. Since they pride themselves on their member-first experience, CFCU needed a phone system that allowed them to be available to their members no matter the circumstances. 

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The Challenge

When President and CEO, Christine Petro started work 4 years ago, Chabot Federal Credit Union (CFCU) was still using hardwired phones. This presented a serious problem as their main office sat on top of an earthquake faultline. If anything were to happen to that office, it would cut off their phone service and they would be unable to serve their members.  

Chabot Federal Credit Union needed a modern, reliable, and remote-accessible phone system they could count on no matter what. 

Important considerations included: 
  • Flexibility: CFCU needed the ability for their agents to work from anywhere, even during a worldwide pandemic.
  • Continuity: If an emergency were to interrupt CFCU’s operations, they required a solution that would allow them to continue to serve their members. 
  • Reliability: When CFCU employees were out of office, they needed a way to be reachable by their members. 

The Solution

Broadvoice helped CFCU transition from hardwired landlines to a cloud-based unified communications phone system just as the entire world was shutting down due to the pandemic.  

Because of Broadvoice, CFCU was able to continue their operations with little interruption and could allow agents to work from home if they were sick or had been exposed to Covid.

It also allowed them more flexibility to control their phone operations and take calls on the go, helping improve member satisfaction overall.

The Results

CFCU now has a cloud-based unified communications solution that allows their agents to work from anywhere. Plus, if an agent needs to leave their desk in a hurry, they can easily set their busy message or forward calls to someone else without additional help. 

Previously, we would have to manually go to the desk and key in codes to be able to make changes to a phone. Now, if we have to change anything, we can log into our b-hive portal and do everything from there.

– Christine Petro, President & CEO

And if they need to change call pick-up groups, they can also do so at a drop of a hat without the help of a phone technician. 

CFCU also has access to b-hive’s extensive reporting including important statistics like how many calls came in, were answered, dropped, etc. Their old system didn’t give them any insights into their calls, so Broadvoice’s analytics have been a game-changer in helping them learn how to better serve their members.

It’s helpful to see the numbers and understand the data so we can learn how to continue improving our service to our members.

Christine Petro, President & CEO

Before switching to their new communication services, staff members had no means of answering calls while on the go which presented a huge problem since CFCU staff serve two different community offices and were often off-site at meetings.

With the Broadvoice mobile app, staff no longer have to stress. Using the app, they can easily make and take calls from anywhere—all from their business phone number. And, staff can have their voicemails sent directly to their emails allowing them to respond even quicker, leading to greater member satisfaction.

“Broadvoice has simplified everything and allows us to always be available to our members no matter what.”

Christine Petro, President & CEO

Ultimately, Broadvoice has given CFCU peace of mind knowing that their staff will always be able to serve their members—even during a natural disaster or worldwide pandemic—and has helped them modernize their communications so it’s easier than ever for their members to connect with them.

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