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Any Hour is a family-owned business that helps homeowners and businesses repair and maintain their homes and offices. Their network of skilled technicians has helped tens of thousands of customers across the Wasatch Front region in Utah with their electrical, plumbing, drain, heating, and air-conditioning repair and installation project.

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Text Scheduling
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The Challenge

With 275 employees, which includes dispatchers, field technicians, and office staff, Any Hour needed an efficient and effective way to communicate with customers, send appointment reminders, schedule maintenance, and give real-time updates to dispatched technicians.

The Solution

With a wide suite of services available and dozens of specialized technicians, Any Hour needed an affordable and achievable way to streamline customer communication and dispatch services to the right location. Additionally, they wanted to better serve their customer base’s preferences for text communication. Doing so, both increased customer satisfaction and enabled Any Hour to deploy technicians to the right place at the right time more efficiently.

Any Hour worked with the Broadvoice team to implement Bubble, a platform that allows small- and medium-sized businesses to engage with their customers via text message. This allowed the teams at Any Hour to easily and quickly create smart forms, set upcoming appointment reminders, dispatch technicians, and provide real-time communication updates. Broadvoice collaborated with Any Hour’s Customer Care Relationship Manager, Justin Morris to get Bubble up and running. Morris states,

“When they told us the open and response rate would be 90–95%, some of our team were skeptical. But almost all the texts were opened within fifteen minutes, and the rest within the hour. And because of that, we saw a 50% confirmation rate versus speaking to them on the phone. That let us know exactly how the day would shape up or what needed to happen that day based on our open and response rates. So, it’s a very, very powerful tool that really allows us to dial in our services . . . and it keeps everything tight, intact, and in order of what’s happening, in real time.” -Justin Morris, Customer Care Manager, Any Hour Services

As a quickly growing company, Any Hour had outgrown their previous service, which was manual and didn’t allow for easy communication with customers, automated appointment reminders, and more. Implementing Bubble also enabled Any Hour to deepen and grow their customer relationships through real-time communication responses and service requests.

“The cool thing about [Bubble] is, for example, a customer says, ‘Hey, I have a question about my air conditioner. What can you do to help right now?’ And if they have any hesitancy about scheduling an appointment, we can say ‘Hey, we can send over some video links that might help first.’ That way customers are able to connect with us in real time. Then it’s more than just an appointment, we’re educating and communicating with them. And then we’re able to better connect with them. And that’s really powerful.”
-Justin Morris, Customer Care Manager, Any Hour Services

The Any Hour team also used Bubble on the customer care representative side of the organization to confirm their tune-up appointments, which are scheduled 90 days out and necessitate they stay in close contact with the customer throughout that journey.

“We used it on a weekly, three-day, and daily notice [for tune-up appointments]. It let us stay in touch with the customer.” -Justin Morris, Customer Care Manager, Any Hour Services

The Results

Using Bubble by Broadvoice, the Any Hour team can better communicate with customers and schedule technicians in real time to maximize efficiency, deepen customer relationships, and grow profits.

  • Deeper customer relationships
  • Automated text appointment reminders
  • Streamlined scheduling and field dispatch
  • More efficient and effective customer care responses

Client love about us

“When they told us the open and response rate would be 90–95%, some of our team were skeptical. But almost all the texts were opened within fifteen minutes, and the rest within the hour."

Justin Morris
Customer Care Manager, Any Hour Services

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