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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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When moving anything to the cloud, security is a top concern. Knowing that your corporate information is in a secure, reliable location is paramount.  Broadvoice’s b-hive platform operates on secure, fully redundant servers distributed across geo locations that keep your business working in case of disaster.

b-hive automatically does small updates nightly that keeps our platform secure and your business communication from prying eyes.

That secure feeling, even when in the cloud

When trying to fill in the technology gaps in smaller companies, often employees will BYOS (bring your own system) — in the form of cellphones or an instant communicator. Both of these BYOS are fraught with their own challenges to a company looking to keep their security up to date. b-hive can solve these two IT concerns keeping your business contacts and information off private cell phones and providing an internal tool to communicate quickly and privately.

BYOC (Bring Your Own Cell)

When an employee loads their email or file share onto their phones, access to the email or file share still resides with the company. The IT department is able to remove access to both systems easily. When an employee is using their own phone to make calls or send text, unless they are given a mobility option those customer or vendor contacts reside with the employee, on their private phone. In sales, that means a person could walk away with their complete customer list and take it to another company.

Broadvoice’s b-hive is can change that. With our mobile client, an employee would log onto their mobile app thereby using their business number to make and receive calls.

BYOS (Bring Your Own Service)

When an employee is allowed to dictate what technology solution is being used; your IT department is not vetting that system. There are no checks and balances to make sure that the information shared on that system is secure. In addition to the possible security nightmare of private company information or customer information on a public system, the same problem exists that BYOC has — the information is then the individual’s not the company’s. When anyone can be added to a slack room, how can you keep your customers’ information safe? How can you keep your business’s innovation its own?

This security one two punch can knock out a small to medium business. Let us help you keep your business information accessible reliably and securely to people committed to continue your company growth.

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