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What does scalability mean to an SMB?

Small to medium businesses often started really really small; with one or maybe two people with a laptop and an idea. As your business grew out of your laptop to possibly a server or when you hired your first employee, you experienced your first pop of growth. This growth required purchasing of new equipment, systems, software and more. This investment into your business future could have been exhilarating or frightening, but either way it’s when you first started to scale — making your business bigger in measured repeatable steps. The most important of those steps is a foundation for communication.

Broadvoice specializes in helping small to medium business create scalability in their growth — in a measured, intuitive, re-creatable way. The b-hive user portal allows business owners to make thoughtful measured decisions about expanding their communications platform internally in the form of UCaaS and externally with a virtual call center. Giving business a measured means to grow- creating a map to help businesses expand easily in the future.

Growth comes when you keep your company focused on your core business

If your operations and IT departments are focused on security of your network or keeping your communication running smoothly, they aren’t focused on the growth of your business. By removing the resource drain keeping communication tech running smoothly and securely from your company, everyone in your business can focus on the company’s core purpose and move forward.

Broadvoice b-hive cloud communications solutions opens up your company to modern ways to increase productivity with cloud PBX, unified communication as a service (UCaaS), and virtual call center all the while offering layers of security. There is no better way to scale your business then on depending on a tested and reliable cloud communication system used by thousands of users nationwide.

The benefits of Cloud PBX Scalability

Keeping growing pains in check needs to be a priority of a growing business. Preparing for growth before it happens by having measured thoughtful conversation and processes will ease the pain of a company going from a small to medium business to enterprise level. One of the best ways to ease this pain is to move services to the cloud; one of the easiest services to move there is your traditional PBX.

With Broadvoice b-hive cloud PBX, you will find:

  • A savings on the cost of hardware either by using the phones you already own or by moving to softphones
  • The ease and time savings of being able to add users from the same portal you use every day
  • A virtual IT department ready to help with all your communication needs
  • No geographic limitations to your business from customer to employee acquisition

Looking for scalability?

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