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Cloud communications solutions have changed how business works.

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Broadvoice b-hive provides small and medium businesses with a more powerful, dependable and affordable enterprise-class cloud communications platform than any other cloud communications provider. It does this by combining telephony, UC, collaboration and virtual call center in one solution; connecting to secure and redundant network infrastructure, such as vMPLS, SD-WAN, 4G wireless failover, and predictable subscription pricing models based on seats or call paths.

Our cloud-based subscription service brings together the best of communications, collaboration and virtual call center in one platform. Give your users the same experience from the beginning to the end of their day; bringing together all the tools to make your business successful into one intuitive web-based application.


When new technologies emerge, your business can not afford to be left behind. New features and functionality are added automatically to b-hive, with no new software or hardware to purchase. One of the greatest benefits of cloud is having your communications system adapt and change as new technologies emerge — without investment into new infrastructure or equipment. Our cloud communication solution will adapt and update automatically.


As your business grows, so does the need to communicate. Adding new employees, locations, or technologies to increase productivity has never been easier. b-hive was built with a growing SMB in mind, always ready to ebb and flow as your business needs. Whether you are bursting for a season or growing at a steady rate, b-hive will be able to handle your changing needs quickly and within the same user portal your admins are already used to using.


With the scale of technological change, security gaps and vulnerabilities that are expanding across devices and networks, giving hackers a larger “attack surface” to exploit. In this environment, the security problem for SMBs is very real and getting worse. That’s why b-hive offers managed firewall, cybersecurity and vMPLS to make sure your business communication is safe, secure and always updated with the latest security tech available.


b-hive has been servicing thousands of customers. Our distributed network will route calls dynamically guaranteeing business continuity. With a georedundant network with facilities on both the east and the west coast, our network will keep your business up and running through any unforeseen disasters. Our focus is to have an unparalleled quality of service available to you 24/7/365.


b-hive offers the ability to purchase and bundle products as your company needs them to your specifications. Only purchase systems you will use. We can tailor make a communication system that will be for your SMB without paying for items you will not use. Want to keep your current communication infrastructure? Go with our Elastic Sip Trunking. Looking for secure conversations between multiple locations? Let’s talk about vMPLS. Need a way to monitor your customer communications? Take a look at the virtual call center. Buy as you need when you need only to your business needs. How much easier can it get?

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The User

Ultimately, the proof is in the user experience. Give everyone on your team the ability to have the same experience across devices and networks. Truly unifying the experience from the day to day user to the super admin. Opening up the ability to collaborate internally with Communicator and with customers with our Virtual Call Center.  With everything accessible from the same web-based user interface, productivity will increase while all business communication stays under the company umbrella — keeping your communication flowing, secure, and ultimately owned solely by your company.

Ready to see what b-hive can do for your business?