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b-hive Cloud PBX.
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Virtual receptionist

Conference calling

Hot desking

Doing business is becoming more complicated. Every day, you’re operating at breakneck speed. Or are you? With unified communications, you can streamline bottlenecks and get all your teams — from finance to customer care — on the same page.

What is PBX?

PBX stands for “private branch exchange.” It is an onsite telephone system that allows for an organization to manage all their incoming and outgoing phone calls. Included in this exchange is the ability for calls to be routed internally as well as externally. Currently, PBX refers to more than switches, physical phones and a series of extensions; it refers to an entire communications system that includes features like internal instant messaging, paging, soft phones, etc.

Onsite PBX, also known as on-premise PBX, requires a large capital expenditure into equipment (that depreciates quickly) as well as keeping an IT staff person that knows how to maintain the telephony system. As features and technology change, the equipment and systems need to be updated to keep pace with current technology. Often this is not possible due to the shear monetary buy-in necessary to keep with the ever-changing technological landscape.

What is Cloud PBX?

As an answer to the often technologically stagnant and cost prohibitive prem phone system, cloud PBX was born. Cloud, or hosted, PBX refers to taking this traditional onsite system, removing the expensive infrastructure and creating a virtual phone system – rooted in the internet. Cloud PBX provides adaptability, scalability, reliability and flexibility. While it provides the ability to keep up with the fast pace technical changes we see daily, it is also secure and reliable.

In addition, cloud PBX provides the mobility necessary to support and drive today’s workforce. With conventional phones falling away to an increase use of mobile apps and the rising use of soft phones, a cloud pbx allows for people to work when and where they want. It opens your company up to an option heavy platform, allowing your company to benefit from the evolving technologies.

What can Cloud PBX do for you?

Benefits of moving to a Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX offers businesses the ability to adapt to the changing technological workplace – updating and adapting easily without down time. Known for its scalability, cost savings, and reliability, it also offers some more tangible benefits for example:

  • Increase your customer experience with hold music, call queues, auto attendant, and more
  • Offer easier management of remote employee with bolting on a unified communication as a service (UCaaS)
  • Control long distance and international costs with unlimited and international dialing plans
  • Free up IT time for larger company initiatives; keeping focus on your company’s core values and purpose
What if the worst happens? Cloud PBX & disaster recovery

No one likes to think about disasters. The reality is that a natural disaster, like the hurricanes that hit the east coast this year or the fires that engulfed the west, have a real impact on your business by interrupting communications. The Broadvoice b-hive platform is georedundant; ensuring that you retain uninterrupted contact with your customers.

Cloud PBX should be part of an overall cloud strategy that includes other aspects of your business (like offsite document storage and infrastructure). Since the communication hardware is not at the site of a possible disaster, phones can be routed to other locations quickly through the Broadvoice b-hive portal.

If the worst should happen, Broadvoice will be there to help with recovery.

Soft phone

Multi devices/extension

Traditional & virtual fax

Call recording

4G continuity adds network redundancy by using cellular LTE as an automated backup path

4G Failover

A network outage doesn’t have to be a business outage

Network outages can happen; but they can not be allowed to affect your business reliability. The Broadvoice 4G Failover service is specially designed to fail-over to mobile for both telephones and computers in as little as eight seconds. If your primary internet access is lost due to power outage, weather, a fiber cut, Broadvoice calls seamlessly switch to the 4G Failover utilizing the high speed 4G wireless networks nationwide. We use the existing network provided by leading cellular carriers (like Verizon and AT&T). With full functionality restored, you can rest easy knowing you have consistent voice service to keep your business up and running.

The benefits of Broadvoice’s 4G Failover include:

  • We leverage your existing edge gateway device so there is no need for new wiring or complex installation.
  • Automatic failover means minimal downtime during an internet of power outage.
  • Our service is supported with the high-speed data networks of the leading cellular carriers — including Verizon and AT&T.

4G Wireless Failover kicks in within 8 seconds of the primary Internet connection going down