Transforming E-Waste into Opportunity

About human-I-T

Social impact nonprofit Human-I-T provides local community organizations with equitable access to technology, internet, and digital training. By refurbishing electronics, Human-I-T transforms e-waste into opportunities for underserved communities, while promoting digital inclusion and online access.

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a child smiles with her technology donated from human-i-t
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Broadvoice customers can now responsibly donate technology they no longer need such as PBX systems, routers, handsets, computers, and other electronics. Human-I-T will take in the retired equipment, fix it, and provide it either free of charge or heavily discounted to local communities and nonprofits.

An Eco-Friendly Way to Dispose of Hardware

Make a Difference

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The Human-I-T Impact

Pounds of E-Waste
Diverted from Landfills

Connected to Internet

Digital Literacy Learners

Pieces of Tech

How Does it Work?

Use the form below to schedule a pickup 
• Human-I-T collects your old equipment
• Hard drives and sensitive data are securely wiped
• Receive an itemized, tax deductible receipt
• Your e-waste is used to narrow the digital divide
• The environment & community thank you 

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Donate Now

Your tax-deductible donations will provide those in need with broadband access to online essentials such as school assignments, job opportunities, free online learning courses, and so much more.