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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

There is a war raging online. With news popping up daily of fresh cyberattacks and new ransomware, small to medium businesses (SMBs) need to take precautions that keep the bad guys at bay protecting not only the business’s information but their customer’s personal information. Taking a proactive, constantly-engaged security posture will not only deter hackers but will give your customers peace of mind.

Let our security experts and engineers do what they do best while you do what you do best — run your business.
Be a Super Hero

We give you access to cutting-edge managed firewall and cybersecurity services for a low monthly fee

Managed Firewall

Your first line of defense just got smarter

A firewall is a piece of software on your network that monitors all incoming and outgoing traffic. With a set of predefined rules, it will decide what to let through and what to block. It keeps your network safe from the unknown outside world wide web. They are the first-line of network defense. Keeping up with the latest tech in monitoring and controls is labor and time intensive: enter Broadvoice’s Managed Firewall service.

Our monthly fee-based Managed Firewall puts the monitoring, updating and administration of the first line of defense in the hands of our security experts. The benefits of our service include:

  • Worry-free firewall administration
  • No upfront fees for costly firewall and networking equipment
  • 24/7/365 firewall management and monitoring
  • Engineers that maintain your firewall, collect diagnostic data, and troubleshoot 
  • Automatic upgrades and patches so you always have the latest defense

Every minute 2,645 records are stolen, three systems are compromised by ransomware, and $149,000 is lost to cybercrime

Hackers are targeting SMBs with more frequency and traditional systems of data protection aren’t working

Managed Firewall and Cybersecurity

Not all heroes wear capes

What can be better than a Managed Firewall service? A Managed Firewall service with Cybersecurity solution. It layers on powerful network protection. Broadvoice uses SimpleWAN edge devices to deliver a cloud-based security solution that stands up to today’s cyberthreats by actively monitoring attacks delivering location alerts and automatically hardening all locations by sharing active threat information.

In addition to all the benefits of our Managed Firewall, the Cybersecurity solution flies in to offer:

  • Real-time updates in response to threats and intrusion attempts
  • Advances detection algorithms to counter attacks and block intrusions
  • Intelligent defense hardening in all locations via information sharing
  • Honeypots to deflect attacks and lure cyberattackers towards a global network of decoys
  • A global intrusion detection system (IDS) to instantly report security breaches, policy violations or other compromising events
  • Healthcare (HIPPA Privacy and Security Rules) and Payment Cost Industry (PCI) compliance reports

Cybercriminals are penetrating organizations through lapsed patches and software updates as well as unsecured websites/devices

vMPLs service uses SD-WAN technology to turn regular internet connections into secure pathways that prioritize voice and data


Have your own private cloud connectivity

Your business needs reliable voice and data communications. We live in a 24/7/365 world and to compete your business needs to be available at any time. For 20 years, due to high costs, SMBs have made due with lower-cost shared internet services. Companies with multiple locations have sacrificed quality of service (QoS) and gone without MPLS Virtual Private Networks (VPN). Finally, there is a better way. Software defined wide area networking (known as SD-WAN) technology has made it possible to turn your internet connection into a secure pathway that prioritizes voice and data cost-effectively, guaranteeing QoS.

Broadvoice offers Virtual MPLS (vMPLS) as a subscription-based services leveraging the latest SD-WAN technology to connect all your locations across a secure, carrier-neutral, software-defined-network that provides the same experience as traditional MPLS at an affordable price. We install and manage an SD-WAN edge gateway device at each location, you don’t have to pay upfront costs or even switch broadband companies.

The benefits of vMPLS include:

  • Experience high availability as the vMPLS maximizes efficiency
  • Choose your bandwidth provider at each location
  • Get built in redundancy with the ability to have different providers at different locations
  • Control your costs by choosing the best provider at each location
  • vMPLS keep all communication secure and private
  • With active/passive routing, one connection is available for failover in the event of a network outages
  • Or, you can choose active/active routing, so both connections are always is use, for high performance and increase ROI. If one does go down, all communication will automatically go through the other connection

vMPLS achieves the goal of secure connectivity less expensively than traditional MPLS.