Fancy a chat over drinks?

Channel Partners 2018 2018-04-12T16:38:29+00:00

The b-hive bar will be open at booth #8001 during CP

Take a break from the show grind. Join our channel managers and executives for a few drinks and a round of darts while learning more about what our b-hive platform has to offer your customers.

Daily $500 cash prize

 Good at darts?  Then try your hand at winning a nice chunk of cash. Here is how our daily competition works:

  • Each person gets to throw 3 rounds of 3 darts each — 9 total shots
  • You must hit a 3, a 1, and an 18 (to celebrate the date of the March 1, 2018 b-hive release) in order to qualify
  • If you hit the 3 necessary numbers, the values on the remaining 6 shots will be totaled
  • The qualified person with the highest 6-shot total each day will win the daily prize

Other ways to pass the time

While you’re waiting for your shot at darts, take on your peers in a game of beer pong. Or test your mettle on a host of board games — like Sorry, Trivia Pursuit, and Balderdash.

Hooch and a hoot

While one hand is busy tossing darts, ping pong balls or dice, the other can be holding a cold beer or tasty glass of wine. Nothing like a little adult beverage to take the edge off our competitive animal spirits.

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