Top 15 Advantages & Benefits Of VoIP For Businesses

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Today, a big player for all kinds of companies is the Voice over Internet Protocol, shortened as VoIP. Many companies now prefer internet telephones instead of analog lines. As internet connectivity increases, more and more businesses are switching to VoIP for voice communications. So what is VoIP, and how can it benefit you and your business?

What is VoIP?

VoIP is a technology that makes it possible for you to make phone calls without a mobile network, or landline. It allows you to make calls from your computer, using your existing internet connection as the telephone system. VoIP ensures that there is one consistent telephonic traffic and other unified communication services in the world through the internet. 

The service doesn’t need a new configuration as you use the existing internet connection in your home or office. It is unnecessary to have a T1 box, ISRA point, or ISDN cables, as VoIP uses the same wifi connection or UTP cables as your laptop. So this makes it very beneficial for a lot of companies.

How does it work?

VoIP technology works by transporting voice sounds through packet-switched protocols in place of electromagnetic wave movements. These protocols imitate the actions of speech waves, which helps VoIP turn voice into small digital packages with labels that we will call envelopes. The ‘speech packages’ are then given the shipping address and destination by the envelopes. VoIP works by converting the voice audio to a digital format which is then transferred over the internet, the same way as any other data.

This digital data is transmitted via the internet protocol through the internet. In this way, a telephone call from your VoIP telephone is sent to your ISP through your router. This provider then relays the data through the internet to the provider of the company you’re calling. This provider now converts and sends it back as an analog signal. However, this happens in milliseconds thanks to the fast speed of today’s cable or fiber broadband internet connections. 

Here are 15 advantages of VoIP to your business:

  1. Saves Money
  2. Remote Work is Made Easy
  3. More Functionalities and Faster Installation
  4. No Additional Hardware
  5. Increased Mobility And Productivity
  6. Virtual Number
  7. Portability Guaranteed
  8. Saves Cost Of International Calls
  9. Access your Files Instantly
  10. Better Call Quality
  11. More Flexibility
  12. Scale Your Business Easily
  13. More Features
  14. Integrates Well
  15. Back up


1. Saves Money:

Your company doesn’t have to invest money in an interoffice telephone or money for the maintenance costs. Small business owners can save up to 45% per month on the distribution costs, according to ITworld. Again, the different offices of your company can call each other free of charge. VoIP allows you to save money while giving great service.

2. Remote Work Is Made Easy:

Another great advantage of using VoIP for your business is that your employees can connect to the phone system without the need to be in the office. You can access the office directory via your smartphone, laptop, or tablet and make and receive calls as if you’re in the office. Broadvoice VoIP business solutions provide simplicity for remote work. VoIP services include phone, video conferencing, team messaging, and much more.

3. More Functionalities and faster Installation:

VoIP has many functionalities that the landline doesn’t have, like call waiting, fixed-mobile convergence and integrating office systems like the CRM. A conventional phone system needs a lot of hardware and can sometimes take days or even weeks to install. With a VoIP solution, it is a simple process, you get all the functionality without spending too much money and time in getting up and running. 

4. No Additional Hardware:

Another great advantage of VoIP over traditional PSTN is that you don’t need to install any additional hardware in order to make use of your system. With a traditional PSTN phone, you will be required to have either a telephone adapter or use an extension cord to connect the phone to the public phone network. Most times other hosted PBX systems require the purchase or leasing of expensive hardware and the frequent installation of new lines, all of which can add up to more expenses for your business.

5. Increased Mobility And Productivity:

A range of mobile applications are available to help your employees make calls using VoIP without any special hardware installation. If they can connect to the internet, they can make voice calls with VoIP. This makes a huge impact on your mobility and productivity, since team members easily contact each other even on the road. In most cases, your staff will be able to retain a single number, regardless of travel or moves from one office to another. This means that time and energy which would have been spent on updating contact details or chasing outdated contacts is saved.

6. Virtual Number:

VoIP offers you a virtual number, which allows you to have a local phone number wherever you are in the world. VoIP gives many businesses an easy, convenient, and cost-effective solution for their communications needs. Virtual numbers enable businesses to communicate with customers from any part of the world easily.

7. Portability Guaranteed:

With the standard set up of communication, shifting homes or businesses means a relatively long wait period for the phone number to get moved or updated. However, with hosted VoIP services, you can carry your communications infrastructure immediately. All you need is your Internet or IP connectivity. You can imagine all the advantages that you can enjoy using just one telephone number wherever you go.

8. Saves Cost Of International Calls:

VoIP technology allows you to make long-distance calls at the same affordable rates as your traditional landline phones. Some VoIP providers allow their customers to use a virtual PBX or home phone for calls outside the United States. If your business deals with the international community you will appreciate these huge savings in call cost as you now use an international-based virtual phone number without paying extra for long distance charges.

9. Access your Files Instantly:

Another great advantage of VoIP is that it allows you to access your calendar, email, and files remotely since it makes use of your computer or laptop for VoIP calling. VoIP gives your staff access to work files stored in the Cloud and provides video conferencing for team meetings. With the remote work culture ongoing now, this is a huge advantage.

10. Better Call Quality:

Generally VoIP call quality is excellent, crystal clear and with no delay or distortion. Sometimes call quality may suffer in VoIP systems; but it is usually due to internet connectivity and system setup issues. A professional VoIP service provider will advise you on the requirements necessary to take advantage of excellent internet phone call quality in your business. A properly setup and maintained VoIP system has notable advantages in terms of quality over conventional systems.

11. More Flexibility:

Hosted VoIP service providers ensure that they integrate your systems with a host of other applications that a business organization should be using. Some of these applications are email services, social networking, web browsers, instant messaging services and others. For example, the user of hosted VoIP can enjoy having a button on an email that allows him to place a voice call. This gives your business voice communication a great degree of flexibility.

12. Scale Your Business Easily:

Most businesses run into problems when they want to scale up. A limited number of channels makes the process of onboarding new employees expensive and complicated. This usually leads to clumsy workarounds like sharing phone sets between users. VoIP makes adding an additional staff easy and inexpensive. Also, you can scale your system without the expensive installation of new lines. Therefore, VoIP systems can grow comfortably alongside your business, no matter how big or small you are.

13. More Features:

Although VoIP is primarily used to provide voice telephony, it also enables a host of other features. Many businesses are astonished by the functionality and versatility of VoIP. Apart from the enhancements on standard phone functions like the ability to put callers on hold or transfer calls, VoIP systems also offer the ability to have voice messages sent to email inboxes, route calls intelligently, call multiple phones at once until someone picks up, or even organize group calls. There are personalized ringtones, call forwarding, follow me, caller ID, and others available on VoIP services.

14. Integrates Well:

Conventional phone systems can be incredibly problematic to integrate with other systems in your company. With VoIP, you can easily route voicemails to email, record voice calls, have them accessible in customer records, or initiate calls from various programs. It’s also simple to integrate analytics into your internet phone system. This way, you can monitor and refine your processes for further gains in customer service and productivity.

15. Back up:

If you run a business that relies on telephone service to make money, you need VoIP. When the system is down, you may lose hundreds or thousands of dollars. An excellent backup system is a VoIP system that can help when your primary telephone system goes down. If your business is in an area where phone service isn’t too good, or if you’re involved in a power outage, and your primary phone systems are down, you need to have a cost-effective solution like VoIP. With VoIP technology, all you need is internet connectivity and you are back up and running.

VoIP offers many benefits and advantages to businesses and can help your company save money while also hugely increasing efficiency and productivity. If you’re still battling with a conventional phone system, it’s time to consider the alternative. VoIP can revolutionize your business efficiency, connectivity, and productivity.

VoIP provides more flexibility and increases savings by lowering costs. Indeed that is what you want for your company. If you would like to learn more about VoIP, check out our product.


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