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BroadVoice WiFi VoIP Phone

BroadVoice WiFi VoIP Phone
The BroadVoice WiFi Telephone
Wireless VoIP Phone Service
on the Go!

Use your wifi (802.11b/g) wireless network and a high-speed Internet connection, or one of the millions of Wireless hot spots around the world, to make and receive phone calls using the BroadVoice™ Internet Phone Service. A WiFi telephone from BroadVoice provides the flexibility and freedom-of-choice that today's savvy users of SIP-based phone services demand.

Wireless VoIP Phone Packages

The BroadVoice WiFi VoIP Phone is available with any BroadVoice Unlimited rate plan. When ordered with BroadVoice Internet Phone Service, the Wifi VoIP Phone is just $99.95 (regular price $139.95).