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Installation of Router & Phone Adapter - 21xx Series Devices


Follow the steps below to setup the Router & Phone Adapter for your DSL/PPPoE Internet connection.

BEFORE YOU BEGIN : These steps are only needed if your DSL connection requires a User Login and Password entry in order to connect to your DSL service. If so, you must have both your User Login and Password in order to complete these steps. For additional information regarding your User Login and Password, please contact your DSL service provider prior to beginning these steps.
NOTE: The easiest way is to start is by connecting a PC directly to your DSL modem and logging into the world wide web as you would normally do. The Phone Adapter will allow you to share your Internet network for both BroadVoice service and your PC. You can connect the BroadVoice adapter and move your PC to the PC port of the Adapter after the first few steps below (see Figure 2 for multiple computer installation with a router/hub).

  1. Prior to installing your Phone Adapter, connect your PC directly to your DSL modem and log into the world wide web as you would normally do. You will connect your PC to the Adapter only after your PPPoE network connection information is entered into your BroadVoice Portal.

  2. Setup your network according to the Figure1 below. Be sure to connect your PC via an Ethernet cable to the LAN/Ethernet port of the Router & Phone Adapter.

    Figure 1: Using a single computer

  3. In an address bar of an open Internet browser type and click the GO button or hit Enter on your keyboard.

  4. Click the Wan Setup tab. The following screen will appear in the browser.

  5. Select PPPOE from the drop down menu for Connection Type.

  6. In the empty field to the right of "PPPoE Login Name" enter your DSL login I.D. provided to you by your DSL provider.

  7. In the empty field to the right of "PPPoE Login Password" enter your DSL password provided to you by your DSL provider.

  8. Click the Submit All Changes button at the bottom of the screen.

  9. The page will change to the following message and then return after approximately 5 seconds:

    SPA is updating your configuration. Unit may reset.
    You will be redirected to the configuration page in 5 seconds.
    If not, you can click HERE to return to the configuration page.

  10. Close the browser.

  11. Pull out the power supply plug from your Phone Adapter. Wait 10 seconds, and then plug the power supply back into the Adapter.

  12. The green light on the front of the device will blink for up to one minute. Wait until blinking stops.

  13. Talk on the phone and surf the web! Your Phone Adapter is now configured to provide your PPPoE Login information to access your DSL Internet service.

  14. Please return to the BroadVoice installations instructions or Figure 2 below if you are utilizing a router, hub or switch to complete your network setup. As a reminder, the router, hub or switch connects to the PC port of the Phone Adapter. The Adapter is a DHCP server/router and will provide IP addresses for use with a network switch.

    Figure 2: Using a router, hub or switch



If the Sipura Web Configuration page does not return to your browser after clicking the Submit All Changes button:

  1. Unplug the power to the Adapter.
  2. Wait 10 seconds, and then plug the power back into the Adapter.
  3. Repeat steps 3-15 above.


If you are unable to surf the Web or use the BroadVoice Adapter to make/receive calls:

  1. Confirm your DSL/PPPoE Logon User I.D. and Password with your DSL provider.
  2. Contact your DSL provider if necessary.
  3. Repeat steps 4-19 above.


If the yellow STAT light does not stop blinking:

  1. Power down your PC, the Adapter, and your DSL Modem.
  2. Wait 60 seconds and then power up your DSL Modem.
  3. Repeat steps 2-19 above.

If you need additional assistance, our Customer Support Center is available.