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How Does It Work?
The telephone, redefined by BroadVoice

Using the Internet has become a part of everyday life. We use it to learn, buy things we need and send email. Now words and images are not the only things the Internet can deliver. High-speed Internet connections have what it takes to send and receive the human voice as quickly, clearly and simply as your traditional telephone. This exciting technology is called VoIP.

What is VoIP?
VOIP, or Voice Over IP (pronounced 'voyp'), is a new technology that lets you make phone calls over the Internet.

When you make a VoIP phone call, you use a normal touch-tone telephone and dial the normal phone number just as you would any other time. The people on the other end can't tell that whether you are calling from a traditional telephone or a VoIP phone. The main difference is that the phone call travels over the Internet rather than through the local phone company's wires.

All you need is a Broadband Internet connection, either DSL or cable, a phone adapter, and a ordinary touch-tone telephone. You do not even need a computer.

VoIP technology changes everything
Now calls overseas become cheaper than what you used to pay for local calls. What if you know lots of people in California but live in Boston? Why pay long-distance charges? Ask BroadVoice for a California number, so calls between you and your contacts in California are local. You will save money, and so will they. Learn more about local number availability.

Additionally, BroadVoice provides FREE features like Caller ID, Call Forwarding, and Voice Messaging. Learn more about calling features.

BroadVoice makes it simple to take advantage of VoIP
We provide you with a telephone adapter that connects your broadband modem or router to your existing phone. After you sign up for a BroadVoice monthly service plan, your phone will continue to work the same as always. Call anyone you want, any number in the world, and your VoIP calls will travel through your modem instead.

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Frequent Questions

Do I need a computer?

Do the people I call need a computer or BroadVoice?

Can I get a local number?
In many cases, Yes!

Read our frequently asked questions for more details.