Features and Benefits

Not only do you save money, but you also get many features that you never knew you could get with your home phone calling plan. Just click on any feature below for details.

Get a Free Second Line to make or receive calls using the same phone number!
Broadvoice VoiceMail Viewer allows you to view and listen to your voicemails through your My Account portal. As simple as looking at your email!
This feature allows you to configure and manage many aspects of your service (view bills & payments, recent call logs, configure VM to email options, Remote Click2Call and more).
Route incoming calls to specific destinations.
Route calls from selected numbers to specific destinations. Block List allows the user the option to block calls from specified numbers. You can either forward the call directly to voicemail, or set it so that the calling party hears a busy signal when calling.
See the name and number of an incoming call, while you are on another call.
Never miss a call again with our easy to use call waiting feature.
Place a call on hold and then resume at a later time.
Forgot your phone or traveling & don't want to use your cell phone minutes? Our Softphone allows you to take your features & rates with you, no matter where in the world you are! Make & receive calls or check your voicemail at no additional cost to you! Download it now by logging into MyAccount.
Don't leave your friends and family out, call two other parties at the same time!
Enhanced 911, also referred to as E911, works just like regular 911 with an added safety feature. It automatically sends vital information such as your name, address and the geographical location even if you are unable to speak.
With our 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee, you may upgrade or downgrade to any of our current promotional rates or cancel your plan with absolutely no hassle. If cancelling, simply contact customer service requesting cancellation, return the hardware to us and a full refund will be issued. Customer only bears the cost of return shipping and any usage-based calls (example: Operator or International calls). Money back guarantee is not applicable on unsupported internet services.
Experiencing bandwidth issues? Bandwidth Saver reduces the amount of bandwidth our services use by two-thirds.
Need to dig a ditch or install a pool? When you call, your local public information center will tell your local utility companies to mark your area's underground pipes and lines. Stay safe and save time before you start digging!
Don't want to run the risk of international call charges showing up on your phone bill? With Broadvoice International Call Block, you're in complete control of your phone bill.
With the Broadvoice iPhone App you can now take your Broadvoice VoIP Phone Service with you on the go and never be without access to your home phone number or miss an important call! Enjoy your free minutes, international calling rates & added features while you're on the go!

FREE DOWNLOAD available on the iPhone App Store.
Need information about local traffic or road weather conditions? Calling 511 in supported areas will provide current information about local traffic incidents, closures, weather, and other important roadway conditions.
Every Broadvoice plan comes with 60 FREE international calling minutes per month to select countries.
With Voicemail-to-Email, a copy of every voicemail message is sent to an email address you specify.
Check your messages from any phone at any time free of charge.
Maintain your privacy when making a call.
See the name and number of the party calling you.
Waiting for a call that's too important to miss? Don't put your life on hold. Simultaneous Ring rings multiple numbers at once to find you no matter where you are. It can be used in conjunction with the Call Hunt feature and is also part of Find Me Follow Me.
Easily dial frequently called numbers using a 1 or 2-digit code.
With Broadvoice Directory Assistance Call Block, you don't have to worry about additional charges showing up on your phone bill. Also, with Directory Assistance Block, you're the one deciding when to pay the service for a phone number.
You can dial using either 7, 10, or 11 digits. (Dialing without an area code, dialing with an area code, dialing with an area code + 1)
Local and long distance dialing is included for the entire US & Canada!
The best feature for friends and family, Broadvoice's Free In-Network Calling provides you unrestricted calling time to anyone inside the Broadvoice network nationwide or in Canada!
Don't miss any calls during or after your move. Simply take your hardware with you & replug into a broadband-enabled line. You can even take your hardware and Broadvoice number overseas to International locations! Don't forget to update your 911 information by logging on to your Online Account.
Need help finding community services you and your family need in life? Broadvoice's simple 211 Community Service Calling allows you to find reputable afterschool programs or specialized care for your mom. From childcare to assisted living, 211 Calling connects you with the services you're looking for.
Take the hassle of dialing out of the equation when you're using your online MyAccount portal. Simply click on any number in your contact list to immediately dial that party. The Broadvoice Switch will call your Broadvoice phone number, then connect the call to the other party.
Expecting a fax on your Broadvoice Phone line? No problem! With our Fax Catcher feature, you can let your incoming faxes go to voicemail where they will be collected as a file you can open, view and print through your MyAccount portal.
Broadvoice offers a mobile-friendly My Account portal. This site can be found at https://mobi.phonepower.com.
Want to receive a email when someone calls you? With Call Notifications, you can receive an email notification when a specific number calls your Broadvoice number, even if you aren't there to take the call.
Check your VoiceMail via phone, web or email with the touch of a button. Broadvoice's VoiceMail feature allows callers to leave a voicemail message if you have missed or screened their call.
Phone logs are available for real time viewing via your web-based account.
When enabled, this feature will forward all calls to voicemail.
Avoid unwanted calls by choosing to reject anonymous incoming calls.
Allow the people you are calling to see your number and name.
Call Forwarding includes International Call Forwarding so you can forward your calls to any number around the world! Don't miss another call no matter where are you are!
Allows you to manage your contact list, edit incoming Call Log names and assign Speed Dial codes all from your MyAccount portal.
Broadvoice is putting you back in control. With Operator Call Block you don't have to worry about unexpected charges on your phone bill. We believe that how you use your optional features should be decided by you.
Not in time to answer your call? Simply pickup your phone and dial *69.
BYOD access lets you use any SIP enabled device on our approved devices list in conjunction with our service.
Refer a friend and both of you will receive a $10.00 credit! Plus, all in-network calls are UNLIMITED and always FREE. All they have to do is enter your Broadvoice User Name into the Promotion Code area when they sign up at www.broadvoice.com.
Have you tried calling your phone service provider on the weekends or after work? At Broadvoice, our award-winning customer service is available to you when you need us - even if it's on a Sunday. You can call us 7 days a week at 1-888-332-8036.
Need your garbage pickup schedule? Want to report a neighborhood disturbance? Just place a 311 call to be connected with your local public information center for helpful responses to all of your community-related concerns.
Make calls away from home or from your mobile phone. With Remote Click2Call, you can connect a call to your Broadvoice number and another number for the best international rates, or to appear to be calling from your Broadvoice number (if it's an office line, for example).
Automatically forwards all calls to a designated number in the event you experience an internet or power outage.
Broadvoice maintains one of the industries' best self help systems. Our knowledge base contains hundreds of detailed and up-to-date articles aimed at getting customers the information they need with the minimum of fuss.