The Best Phones in the Industry!

Ultra-modern, futuristic, cutting-edge, these phones make working productive and dare we say, fun! They will turn your old office into a hi-tech command center. The good news is that there is no capital expenditure. Meaning you can lease to own, and upgrade when the newer model is available. All of our hardware comes with a extensive warranty, and are fully backed by our dedicated business support staff. We have options for any size business.

Polycom Hardware

Obihai Hardware

Cisco Hardware

Bring Your Own Device

Already have a VoIP device that you'd like to use with our service? No problem! Broadvoice offers Bring Your Own Device for customers who already have their own hardware!

Model Min. Firmware Version
Model Min. Firmware Version
Model Min. Firmware Version
PAP2T pap2t-5-1-3-LS
SPA1001 spa1001-3-1-19-SE
SPA112 spa1xx_1.2.0_042.bin
SPA122 SPA112_SPA122_1.2.1-004_FW
SPA2000 spa2000-3-3-9
SPA2100 spa2100-3-3-9
SPA2102 spa2102-5-2-3
SPA303G spa50x-30x-7-5-7.bin
SPA3102 spa3102-5-1-7
SPA504G spa50x-30x-7-5-7.bin
SPA508G spa50x-30x-7-5-7.bin
SPA509G spa50x-30x-7-5-7.bin
SPA514G spa51x-7-5-7.bin
SPA525G spa525g-7-5-7-bt.bin
SPA8000 spa8000vM.bin
SPA922 spa942-5-1-10
SPA942 spa942-5-1-10
SPA962 spa962-5-2-8sc
WIP310 * 1.0
WRP400 2.00.05
WRT54GP2 2.0.10(Lic)
WRTP54G 3.1.14
Model Min. Firmware Version
OBi1022 OBiPhone-5-0-0-2269-2015-01-21.fw
OBi1032 OBiPhone-5-0-0-2269-2015-01-21.fw
OBi1062 OBiPhone-5-0-0-2269-2015-01-21.fw
OBi202 0
OB302 0
OBi508 0
Model Min. Firmware Version
SoundPoint-IP330 2345-12600-001
SoundPoint-IP331 2345-12600-001
SoundPoint-IP335 2345-12375-001
SoundPoint-IP450 2345-12450-001
SoundPoint-IP501 2345-12600-001
SoundPoint-IP550 2345-12600-001
SoundPoint-IP560 2345-12560-001
SoundPoint-IP601 2345-12600-001
SoundPoint-IP650 2345-12600-001
SoundStationIP-4000 2201-06642-001
SoundStationIP-5000 2345-12600-001
SoundStationIP-6000 2345-12600-001
VVX300 3111-46135-002
VVX310 3111-46161-001
VVX400 3111-46157-002
VVX410 3111-46162-001
VVX500 3111-44500-001
VVX600 3111-44600-001

The configuration file may lock you out of the SIP Admin portion of your device. Broadvoice does NOT remove the ability to factory reset a BYOD adapter as part of the provisioning process, and does NOT permanently lock you out of your device. You will always have the ability to factory reset your device.

Any device used with Broadvoice's service must not be locked or currently provisioned to any other provider and you must have the admin password for said device. Any device received from another VoIP provider will most likely NOT work due to this restriction.

*Only hardware versions 1 and 2 of the WIP310 work with our network.

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