Connect And Collaborate.
From Any Device.

Our leading-edge, fully-hosted Unified Communications Suite keeps you and your team hooked up so your business is
continually moving onward.

Unified Communications

Connection That Offers You Flexibility.

What if there were no limits on how, when, or where you and your employees could reach out to each other? That’s what you get with Broadvoice’s Unified Communications (UC) Suite. We’re the only provider to bring you a fully-hosted Unified Communications solution that includes email, instant messaging, hosted voice with PSTN connectivity, and more. You can scale our suite up or down, depending on your business needs. And it’s a cost-effective way to boost your team’s productivity. Win-win.

Our Fully-Hosted Suite Works As A Service To You.

We unify the tools your business uses to communicate by taking the array of business communication platforms found on your team’s desktops and mobile devices and bringing them all together in one consistent, streamlined experience. This means your employees will be able to work anywhere, on any device, using any mode of communication. Delivered from the cloud, our Unified Communications solution is easy to set up, maintain, and use. And our UC applications are delivered with an intuitive interface across desktops, mobile, and web-based devices. The result? Simplified, consolidated business communications.

hosted-voice.png Hosted Voice

Say goodbye to costly equipment and the hassle of hardware setup. With Broadvoice PBX, your entire phone system is in the cloud, which means you can smoothly and reliably access all of the cutting-edge features you need anytime. Plus, you can easily scale your features up or down as your business changes.

hosted-voice.png Conferencing Tools

Phone Conferencing:

Our phone conferencing lets you have a phone conversation with multiple people quickly and easily.

Video Conferencing:

Cut down on costly travel with our video conferencing — which allows you to have face-to-face conversations with employees, business partners, and clients all over the world.

Web Conferencing:

With our Web Conferencing tool, you can give slideshow presentations, conduct meetings, and more — all through the Internet.

hosted-voice.png Broadvoice Communicator


Want a more convenient way to make a phone calls? No problem. Softphone software makes it easy to make, receive, or manage voice or video calls over the Internet via your computer. Simply click on a contact’s name, and you’re ready to go.

Instant Messaging

Now, you can have a conversation with employees across the hall OR in another city — as if they were in the same room — with our Instant Messaging tool. Plus, our presence technology lets you see if the person you want to contact is available.

Presence Management

This communicator tool lets you always know the current status of all your contacts — whether they’re at their desk, away, in a meeting, or busy.

Screen Share

Ready to step up your collaboration? Our Screen Share tool is integrated with Broadvoice Communicator so you can invite anyone in your meeting to view your screen in just a few clicks.

Transfer Documents

With advanced technology comes speed: You no longer need to attach files to emails. Instead, you can quickly transfer them to your contacts with a single click.

hosted-voice.png Broadvoice Mobile Apps

Bring all of the calling features from your Broadvoice deskphone to your Android or iOS device — simply through our mobile app.

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