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Few things cause more anxiety than money, as indicated by a recent survey that revealed 77 percent of Americans are anxious about their finances and their financial futures. Professionally-managed financial solutions, which reached an all-time high at the end of 2021 and have sustained three consecutive years of growth, might be the perfect solution for calming consumers’ financial anxieties.

Financial services firms can leverage this growth and the opportunity it presents if they deliver a consistent customer experience that balances digital-first solutions and the human touch.

Customers Expect Digital-First Solutions with a Human Touch

According to a 2021 study by J.D. Power, 41 percent of retail banking customers prefer using digital-only options such as mobile banking, contactless payments, and omnichannel digital communications. The problem is that not all financial services firms have intuitive, easy-to-use digital solutions, so they are receiving more and more inquiries because customers can’t find the information they need. As a result, more and more consumers are embracing self-service technologies such as forums, portals, and chatbots to help resolve their concerns and issues instead of interacting with an agent or employee.

While digital self-service options are a growing preference among consumers, many also want the ability to have human interactions. Unfortunately, it can be expensive to add personnel to interact with customers. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, the average cost to recruit a new hire is nearly $4,700 — and that doesn’t include the cost of onboarding and training, which can be significantly higher because of the time it takes new hires to be accretive. Even though onboarding lasts approximately 90 days, new employees can take up to 12 months to reach their full potential.

A Contact Center Solution Offers the Best of Both Worlds

Many financial services firms may feel at a loss balancing digital-first self-service options and human interactions, but a contact center solution can help. Many of these solutions offer omnichannel functionalities, which means agents and employees can reach customers on their preferred platforms in real-time. This means that customers get answers from real people, building trust while receiving personalized interactions.

Investing in the right contact center solution can help financial services firms improve productivity and workflows. GoContact offers features such as automatic dialing and customized script building tools that can save agents time and allow them to personalize calls to fit the needs of each customer.

Self-Service and Full-Service Are Good Investments for Financial Services Firms

With contact center solutions like GoContact, your financial services firm can offer customers the best of both worlds: self-service and full-service. Quick, convenient answers and personalized interactions create trust, which can help alleviate customers’ financial anxieties and put them on a course for financial success.

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