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To win over today’s savvy buyers, it’s not enough to have the best products; you have to deliver the best customer experience, too.

Nearly seven in 10 (67 percent) of businesses say they compete mostly or entirely based on customer experience. In two years that will grow to more than nine in 10 (86 percent), according to Gartner’s 2019 Customer Experience Management Study.

Clearly, customer experience, or CX, is taking center stage as a business strategy for driving and, especially, retaining revenue. But what is CX anyway? With all the business buzzwords, it’s tempting to dismiss CX as just another way of saying customer service? But, it’s not. Gartner explains that CX is “the customer’s perceptions and related feelings caused by the one-off and cumulative effect of interactions with a supplier’s employees, systems, channels or products.”

In short, CX is the sum of all customer interactions with your brand.

That means that it’s key to make sure that all of those interactions are aligned. There’s a lot to consider, but the best place to start is to remove any friction in your interactions by integrating your key customer-facing systems and processes. That means connecting your communications system with your customer relationship management (CRM) software.



Broadvoice can help you take this critical step toward improving your CX platform with b-hive for Salesforce. Available on the AppExchange, b-hive for Salesforce delivers a seamless, connected experience between the Broadvoice b-hive cloud-based communications platform and your favorite CRM software.

In action, it looks something like this: An inside sales rep who receives an incoming customer call can see important account information automatically through a screen pop. This means they can answer the phone with a warm greeting: “Hello, Mrs. Jones. How can I help you today?”

And, behind the scenes, they aren’t scrambling to key in the account information to call up records in Salesforce; it’s already at their fingertips. And, if it’s a prospect or new customer, they can create a new record while on an active call.

Call details and call recordings are automatically logged in Salesforce, shifting agents’ time from tedious administrative tasks to serving – and delighting – your customers.


Time savings & personalization

This scenario is one of many that b-hive for Salesforce can realize for your business. For the record, here are the key features of b-hive for Salesforce:

  • Inbound record matching — b-hive for Salesforce automatically matches incoming calls with customer records stored in Salesforce, triggering screen pops with key customer information, so sales and service teams can get down to business.
  • New record creation — b-hive for Salesforce allows sales and services teams to create new records on demand, so employees can quickly open a new case or log a new lead.
  • Automated call recordings are linked to customer records in Salesforce, so you have a record of all customer interactions and also the ability to review for agent training. Plus, call notes are not required.
  • Click-to-call functionality allows sales and service teams to call a customer directly from the Salesforce application by simply clicking on their phone number, saving time and reducing misdials.
  • Automated call logging records call detail within the customer record, so agents don’t have to remember to document the call time, duration and results after the call.


Simple & supported

With b-hive for Salesforce, you’re boosting your CX quotient and lowering your IT complexity at the same time.

Both b-hive and Salesforce are cloud-based applications. There’s no hardware or software to install or maintain. The software is updated automatically behind the scenes and your teams can access the apps from any Internet-enabled computer or mobile device. And, that means, they can work anytime and anywhere, which is great for distributed teams, work-at-home agents and follow-the-sun support models.

If you’re already a b-hive customer, this CX combo is even easier: simply access the integration from the online administration portal.

If you’re not a b-hive customer, we’re happy to show why Broadvoice b-hive is the Cloud PBX, UC and Virtual Call Center platform that small and medium businesses love.

Above and beyond the intrinsic benefits of cloud delivery, Broadvoice offers professional implementation that includes:

  • Designing a solution that works for your business
  • Onsite installation with experienced technicians
  • Administrative, users and call center training, and
  • Ongoing support

Be brilliant about the way you connect.

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