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Any device, any time, same experience for all levels of access.

Even when the “right system” is chosen by a tech department, getting users to adopt a new technology can be daunting. That is because most aaS (as a Service) technology has been built on what the technology does, not how someone actually uses the system.

Broadvoice b-hive is different. It has been built on the idea that people use technology; not that technology creates users. Our web-based cloud system has the same user interface for all levels of access, so everyone from a customer service rep to the system admin uses the same intuitive system. From the mobile app to our Communicator, the user experience is the same. The look, feel and location of features is the same. As they change devices, the user experiences a smooth transition and doesn’t miss a beat. With one system to learn, with one look and feel for all communication needs.

Tool fatigue is real and plaguing your office

When you do not have a modern communication solution, to fill in the technology gaps, IT department will band aide with multiple cloud or software-based solutions layering them on an existing infrastructure. This means a separate system for phones and communicator; possibly a third system for conference calls. Commonly referred to as tool fatigue, the overwhelming resistance of users to learn one more system is real. As more and more systems are added, people often shut down how they communicate working in silos.

Broadvoice b-hive offers one user experience for all communication needs. Doing away with the need for multiple tools to do the same work; one tool can provide call queueing with virtual call center and instant collaboration with Communicator. All of this and more is possible with b-hive cloud communications. Stop tool fatigue from spreading through your office and killing productivity.

Break the generation silos — opening communication between millennials and Gen-X

Everyone communicates differently. Allowing people to communicate how they are most comfortable and giving each person what they need is practically impossible. But what we can do is look at trends on the different ways people tend to communicate and make those ways work together. Multi-generation communication in business today is a great example of how we can improve communication by improving the user experience.

Its often said that generation-x likes to communicate the “old fashion way” through email; while millennials prefer to text causing a communication gap. b-hive can allow both users to communicate the way they like best. Each person can use their preferred method of collaborating, in the system they are most comfortable with. This simple ability improves both user’s experience and opens the communication silo that possibly existed previously.

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