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Being able to create your own system
offers you the flexibility you need to grow.

Every company communicates differently, internally and externally. Whether customers need a dedicated phoneline that is answered 24/7 or the sales people have a morning group text, facilitating that communication is the job of every IT department. Security and reliability are important as is choosing a system that is flexible and can fit the specific needs of the company.

Broadvoice’s b-hive allows for bundling of cloud PBX, unified communications as a service (UCaaS), and virtual call center. Add to all this the ability to get managed network assistance and cybersecurity, you get a flexible cloud communications system created specifically to meet your company’s business needs. Do not pay for functions that you are not using.

Be your own guru

Broadvoice b-hive takes flexibility a step further, putting the power of creating the system in the hands of your administrator. By using the same system to both do day to day tasks and administering the communications system, the IT department is given the flexibility to make on the fly changes to users, locations, etc without being tied to a rigid system. Giving your team the ability to scale quickly, gives your entire company the flexibility it needs to compete.

As you add to your communications system, the user experience will remain the same.  Enabling your IT department to add features and functionality while still having the user have the same experience, gives your team the flexibility to change and grow without having to stop and retrain. Put the power of smooth communications into the hands of your team.

Monthly subscription service gives you flexibility in pricing and investment

When businesses grow, often capital is sparse. Having a reliable, scalable modern communication system though can not be an afterthought. Give your business the ability to have enterprise level service at a cost that doesn’t break the bank. Start with moving PBX to the cloud or use your current infrastructure by starting with our Elastic SIP Trunking service. When ready, UCaaS features as well as virtual call center is available in the same user interface your users have already been using. Not only is it cost effective, but it allows for easy adoption of new features and functionality increasing productivity.

Looking for flexibility?

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Don't let goal setting become heavy weights. Remain flexible and allow room for intuitive changes.