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Learn about all the b-hive features

Every organization is different and requires different ring strategies; the b-hive features have you covered for whatever your needs are. The b-hive portal ( offers numerous robust features, transforming your phone system to the next level. By leveraging these fantastic features, you can control exactly how your business phone system operates.


  • Customizable phone tree, allowing callers to bypass an operator and be automatically transferred to who they want to speak with
  • Upload your audio script, or use b-hive’s text to speech option
  • Unlimited menu options


  • Use e-fax, traditional fax, or both
  • Send E-faxes from the b-hive portal
  • View and download faxes from the faxing tab on the portal
  • Any inbound number can be set up as an e-fax


  • View a list of all employees, showing access level, extension, mobile number and email
  • Edit a specific person to change personal settings and phone configuration
  • Efficiently manage all employee accounts on one easy to use page


  • See a detailed overview of calls and talk times for the day, month and year
  • Analyze additional statistics including call received, answered, busy, and missed

Personal Settings

  • Custom configurations allow all users to quickly change their ring strategy
  • Customize personal voicemail message
  • Edit login credentials

Inbound Numbers

  • See a list of every number the company has on the system and manage where each number rings
  • Add new numbers from the b-hive available bank at any time
  • Change a number’s ring strategy on the fly, with no downtime


  • Users: have access to personal voicemails, call records, faxes, communicator (pro-seat), team, presence settings, personal settings, and any call centers they are an agent in
  • Managers: additional access to all call reports, analytics, and all contact centers (under call reports, managers can see their call record, the call records for all the numbers on the system, analytics, and the records of each contact center)
  • Account Admins: additional access to the Settings tab, which allows admins to edit phone system and company ring strategy

One Number

  • Allows your direct number to ring at your desk and mobile device
  • Also, you can send and receive faxes and text messages from your direct number
  • Always be within reach, no matter if you are at the office or out. Take the workplace with you, wherever you go

Sound Manager

  • Effortlessly upload or create audio on the portal to use for voicemails, greetings, announcements, or automated attendants
  • There are a variety of ways to upload audio to the portal, including text to speech and record by phone, choose whichever method best fits your needs and b-hive will automatically load it to the system

Presence Settings

  • Change your personal ring strategy based on if you are busy, available or away
  • Set your phone to ring at your desk, mobile phone, forward to another number, or go to voicemail
  • Every day is different, and presence settings allow you to have flexibility on how you want to be reached

Business Hours

  • Set up a specific ring strategy based on hours of operations, and a unique ring strategy for when your business is closed
  • The holiday tab allows you to override regular business hours easily;customize the green and where the phones ring too
  • Business hours help companies allocate calls according to their schedule, making sure customers are still being taken care of after hours


  • Create a recorded announcement that will play when a number is called, or an option is selected’
  • Announcements can be used to notify callers that ‘the call is being recorded’ or to ‘please hold for the next available agent
  • Set up any announcement you would like in a few easy clicks


  • Voicemails can be automatically emailed to you with the attached audio file and transcription
  • See voicemail history on the online portal
  • Customize voicemail message and notification settings


  • Allow multiple phones to ring and set up specific ring strategies
  • Advanced settings allow you to customize music on hold, pre-pend caller ID, call recording and ringtones
  • Groups help companies manage high call volumes by having multiple phones ring, to limit the amount of missed calls

Number Forwarding

  • Numbers can be forwarded easily, without having to call your service provider
  • Send calls to a cell phone or an answering service
  • Forwarding help companies stay organized and not miss calls, especially after business hours


  • Do you ever need to page a specific person in your company or multiple people at the same time? Paging systems can be expensive, but b-hive paging is integrated it into the phone system
  • Even if your office has multiple locations, you can page other offices, not mater their geographical location
  • Dial the extension, and your voice will broadcast over their speakerphone


  • Conference calls are an everyday occurrence in most businesses, b-hive allows you to create conferences on the fly
  • Customize every aspect of the conference, including extension, pin, audio tones, and greeting
  • Conferences can hold an unlimited amount of attendees


  • View and download all monthly invoices on the b-hive portal
  • Update the payment method on file

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