5 Reasons We’re Always Thankful for You, our Partners

It’s the season to reflect on what we’re grateful for – family, friends, and our partners.

At the end of the day, we’re all working together to make more than just a living. We want our customers to feel connected to their teams and clients. We want to provide them with the best cloud-based communications and collaboration tools on the market, and we simply can’t do that without you.

There are so many reasons our paths crossed and that you became a Broadvoice partner. We are thankful for all of them! Since it would take a novel to write that story, we decided to share with you our top five reasons we are grateful for you today and beyond just the holidays.

1. You share our core values.image of kim

Honesty is the best policy, and so is openness! When we both approach our goals with candor and integrity, we know how best to achieve them together. Our mutual candor and respect for each other not only benefits customers, but all the people we have to be thankful for this year.

Kim McLachlan, Sr. V.P. of Sales & Marketing

2. You are Inspiring.image of kevin

It’s very inspiring to watch our partners grow. As a business leader, I know the risks involved in building organizations, both personally and professionally. I understand the impact it has on our reputation. I respect that our partners are taking the risks to start their own businesses and taking on the challenges that come along with that.

Kevin Connor, Chief Financial Officer

3. You are responsive.image of Rebecca R

I am grateful for our partners who provide us with feedback and push us to grow. I am thankful that when things go sideways, as they sometimes do, our partners work with us to make things right. I am thankful that our partners are critical of our processes and provide us with feedback to improve. Our partners have helped propel Broadvoice; without them we wouldn’t be her.

Rebecca Rosen, VP of Marketing

4. You help us improve.image of jim

I’m thankful for our partners because of the honest dialogue they bring. They help us improve our product, our process and our people. They help us grow personally and professionally in the truest sense of a partnership. Through business relationships we’ve developed personal relationships.

Jim Murphy, Co-founder & CEO

5. You make the everyday extraordinary.image of andrew

I am thankful to work with wonderful partners daily. Each partner is passionate about what they do and are always willing to go the extra mile to guarantee a smooth onboarding process. We are in constant communication and know when one person is taking a vacation or will be out of the office. Communication is key. Overall, we all truly care about one and another and can relate and talk to each other on a personal level.

Andrew Hernandez, Partner Sales Manager

The Broadvoice Partner Program – Acting on our Intentions

Though it feels good to give thanks for our partners, our goal is to act on our intentions. It starts with a thank you but extends into an entire Partner Program centered on building meaningful relationships. Our partnerships are opportunities to make life-long friends with people who share with same values.

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