Voicemail Call Flow Chart

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The following call flow chart will assist you in navigating the voice mail system.
To log into your voice mail system from your phone, pick up the hand set and press the voice mail button, if there isn't one you can dial *21 and that will allow you access to the voice mail menus.
From a remote location you will need to call your voice mail and interrupt the greeting by pressing *


Alert.png The first time you log into your voice mail system it will take you through the initial set up phase. It will ask you to record your greeting and then ask you how you want your greeting to be played.

Voicemail-Flow Chart.png

Follow these steps to review your voice mails

1) Press 1 to get to your voice mails.
2) Press 1 to get the voice mails.
1. 1 to repeat the message.
2. 2 to save.
3. 3 to delete.
4. 4 to reply to the message.
5. 5 to send a copy of the message.
6. # to save as new for later review.

Follow these steps to change your personal voice mail greeting

1) Press 3 to get to VM Greeting.
2) Press 1 to record your own personal greeting.
1. Press 1 if the recording is OK.
2. Press 2 to re-record.
3. Press 3 to exit with out saving the recording.

Follow these steps to change your voice mail PIN

1) Press 4 to get to Voice Mail settings.
2) Press 3 to get to the security settings
3) Press 1 to change VM PIN.

There are more options and and services that the voice mail system offers. Please review the flow chart for other options.