Obihai IP Phone-Adjust Gain Settings

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If you need to adjust any of the gain settings on your Obihai IP phone, you can do this from the phone directly!
You can adjust things like Ringer Volume, Speakerphone Volume, Speakerphone Mic Gain, Handset Volume, Handset Mic Gain, BT Headset Volume and BT Headset Mic Gain.


Navigate the digital menu to select Preferences by using the arrow keys located in the middle of your phone.
Navigate down the list until you get towards the bottom of the menu list.


Note: The first option you will see is Ringer Volume.
Now highlight the volume or gain options you wish to adjust and by pressing the 2nd and 3rd button under the digital display you can increase or decrease these settings.
These buttons will be labeled by < and > arrow on the bottom of the digital display.

Below is screenshots of the different volume/gain settings available:

Description of settings:

Ringer Volume: Adjusts the volume of the Ring tone when receiving an inbound call.

Volume Settings: Adjusts the volume of your speaker from which you hear callers.

Mic Gain Settings: Adjusts the volume of your Microphone from which callers hear you.

Note: if you increase the mic gain and you experience distortion or excessive gain, try lowering your mic gain.

Handset: Phone receiver connected to your Obi Phone.

Speakerphone: The speaker built into the Obi Phone.

RJ9 Headset: Headset that connects via RJ9 phone jack located above your Handset jack on the back of your Obi Phone.

3.5mm headset: Headset that connects to the Headset jack located on the right side of your Obi Phone.

BT Headset: Bluetooth Headset


Once you have adjusted a specific volume/gain setting you can press the Up or Down arrow on the keypad to change other settings or click the Home button to complete your adjustment to your volume settings.