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Click on any of the buttons on the MyAccount screen below to find out more about what it does.

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Account Home

top Pressing the Account Home button will bring you back to the main screen for your account.
The main screen is the screen you see when you first log in.

Edit E911 Address

top This is where you will be able to edit and update your E911 address. The E911 address is the address that is automatically sent to 911 dispatch when you call 911 from your Broadvoice line.

Keeping this address updated when you move, or when you take your service with you on vacation is very important.

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Editing your E911 Address is simple. You will be directed to a new page that will show your the current address on record on top with a form below to update it.

After you have updated your address just click the Update My Address button to save the change.

Modify Services

top This is where you can make changes to the services on your account.

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Add a Phone Line

You can add additional VoIP lines to your existing account.

Add a Virtual Number

Add a virtual number to your account. Virtual numbers let you set up another phone number for your current phone line. You can select a phone number in another area code. This way if you have family out of state you can set up a phone number in their area so they wont incur long distance fees when they call you.

Add a Toll Free Number

Need a toll free number? This is where you can add one to your account. Calls out will still go out over your current number, but incoming calls will be free to whoever is calling it from anywhere in the US and Canada. Incoming calls will be billed to your account at a rate of $0.04 per minute.

SIP Credentials

SIP Credentials allows you to use various other peices of equipment with your service. SIP Credentials are for advanced users only. Broadvoice does not offer support for the use of SIP Credentials.

Change your Service Plan

This is where you would be able to change the kind of plan your account is on.

Manage Cloned Lines

This is where you can activate or de-activate your Free Cloned Line. Your account plan and adapter must be supported for you to utilize this feature.

Change Your Address

You can change your billing, shipping and 911 addresses from here.

International Virtual Number

This is just like our regular Virtual Numbers but allows for them to be created in international locations. Have family overseas? Now you can give them a local number and they wont be charged international rates by their phone company when they call you.

Invoices & Payments


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You can look see any pending charges for your account as well as look over past invoices and payments.

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Clicking the View Invoices button will shows all your old invoices
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Clicking the View Payments Button will allow you to see all your previous payments



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The voicemail screen is a convenient way to see your voicemails. It will show you who left a message and when. You can even listen to the voicemail through your browser, or if you would rather, you can download it directly to your computer.

If you are using fax enabled voicemail the faxes you have received will be displayed here as well. For those faxes you can either view them in your browser or download them to your computer.



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The soft Phone menu button allows you to active the softphone feature for your account as well as providing you the links to download the correct version of the softphone for your computer.

There is a version for Windows PCs and Apple Macintosh computers.
Please ensure that you download the correct version for your computer.

Call Log / Usage


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The call log will show you all of your placed and received calls as well as if they were answered or if they were missed. You will also be able to check your international usage.

There is also a detailed call log that can be accessed from this screen.



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Contacts allows you to save and store the numbers of people you contact the most. These contacts can be used to set up calls using Click2Call.

Contacts can also be used when creating rules in ICM.

Speed Dials




The following information is specifically for customers who are on our Aquarius Network
If you are unsure of which network you are on please read Network Identification to discover which network your service uses.

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This is where you can create speed dials. Enter the phone number you want to be assigned to a speed dial. Click add to list, and from that point forward you only have to dial the speed dial number and press #.

In the screenshot to the left, we have created a speed dial for Broadvoice. To call Broadvoice you would just have to dial 2# on your phone.

Call Forwarding


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The call forwarding is where you will control exactly how incvoming calls are handled by your Broadvoice service.

The Call Forwarding page is a rather in depth subject. We have a whole page dedicated to nothing but Call Forwarding and how to get it to do what you want. You can find that page HERE

Service Settings


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Service Settings is where you will find settings that you shouldnt need to change very often.


You will set your timezone here. This is used to show the correct Date and Time of the call sin your call log. It is also used for the time and date displayed with some Caller ID systems on phones.

Bandwidth Control (Codec)

You canm set which Codec your Broadvoice service will use for call audio. G711u will use more of your internet connection but provides very clear audio quality (we recommend leaving this option selected).

G729a uses less of your internet connection but you will notice a decrease in call audio quality. Using G729a may also prevent Button presses from being recognized by phone menu systems.

Voicemail Settings

Voicemail settings will give you the option to set up email notifications for voicemail. It will also allow you to have a copy of the voicemail audio emailed to you.

You can set the option to delete voicemails once they get to be so many days old, or have them deleted if your voicemail box becomes too full.

Voicemail PIN Reset

Does exactly what it says on the box. This will allow you to reset your voicemail pin back to its default value.

MyAccount Password

This is where you can change your log in password for your MyAccount portal.

Outbound CNAM

This option will allow you to disable your Caller ID. Your Caller ID will be disabled until you turn it back.
If you only want to disable your Caller ID for only one call use *67 before you dial the number you wish to call.



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Click2Call is a function that allows you to utilize your Broadvoice service no matter where you are or what phone you are near.

Simply enter the phone number of a phone near you (the Source Number), and the phone number you want to call (the Destination Number).

Click2Call will place a call to the Source Number. Once the Source Number is answered a call out to the Destination Number will be placed. This is very useful if you need to place an international call but arent near your Broadvoice phone.

Sales & Billing Live Chat


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Click this button will open a pop-up window. In this window you will be able to chat with a Sales & Billing representative who will answer any questions you may have regarding your Broadvoice account.

Tech Support Live Chat


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Click this button will open a pop-up window. In this window you will be able to chat with a Technical Support representative who will assist you in resolving any issues you might happen to have with your Broadvoice account.

Log out

top Clicking on this button will log you out of your MyAccount Portal.

If you are using a public computer, or a computer used by other people, it is recommended that you log out of your MyAccount portal each time you are finished using it.

Pay now


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Clicking the Pay Now button will take you to your Payment options screen.
From this screen you will be able to pay your current account balance, make a partial payment, update your Credit Card, or update your Credit Cards expiration date.

Change E-mail


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Clicking Change next to your email address will allow you to change the email address on your account.

Once you click the Change button your email address will be editable. Once you have entered your new email address click the Update button.

If you dont want to update you email, or you clicked the Change button by mistake just click Cancel and no changes will be made.

Change Password


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Clicking the Change button next to your password will take you to the Service Settings Screen. On this screen you will need to click the My Account Password.

Once on the My Account Password you will need to enter your current account password followed by your new password twice. Once you have entered these just click Save Setting to update your password.



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This will indicate which of the Broadvoice networks you are built on.

This is important to know when searching for help on the wiki.
Some instructions/features only apply to one of the two networks. These instructions will be clearly marked with the Network name. Also if instructions differ across the Network types the differences will also be clearly marked.

Update Credit Card On File


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Clicking on Update Credit Card on File button will take you to the same page as the Pay Now button. Click the link Update Credit Card on File.

This will open the interface to allow you to enter your new Credit Card information.

Change Failsafe Number


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Clicking on the Change button under the FailSafe Number will bring up a new box that will allow you to enter a new FailSafe Number. Once you have entered your FailSafe Number click Update

The FailSafe Number is the number that your calls will automatically be forwarded to in the event of a power or internet outage. You calls will also be automatically be forwarded in the event that your phone adapter is unreachable for whatever reason.


Alert.png This does not mean that calls will be forwarded if there is no answer. This will only forward your calls if there is a problem sending your calls to the phone adapter assigned to your account.

International Dialing

top This option allows you to toggle your accounts ability to place international calls.
The word on the left is the current status of this feature. If you dont make many or any international calls it is recommended that you set this to blocked. This will prevent any accidental international dialing that might result in your account being charged an additional per minute fee.

411 Dailing

top This option allows you to toggle your accounts ability to place 411 calls.
The word on the left is the current status of this feature.
Please be aware that there is a $0.99 fee for dialing 411.

Operator Dialing

top This option allows you to toggle your accounts ability to place Operator Assisted calls.
The word on the left is the current status of this feature.
Please be aware that there is a $3.00 fee for placing Operator Assisted calls.

Inbound Anonymous Calls

top This option allows you to toggle your accounts ability to receive calls from people who have blocked their Caller ID.
The word on the left is the current status of this feature.
If this is set to Blocked anybody that has blocked their Caller ID will be sent to error message informing them that you do not accept anonymous calls.

If you find that people you wish to hear from are unable to call you for this reason you can temporarily Allow calls from anonymous callers.


Alert.png If you are using Incoming Call Manager (ICM) this options box will not be displayed on your Account Home screen. This is because rejecting anonymous calls will be handeled in ICM.

Fax Enabled Voicemail

top This option allows you to toggle your accounts ability to receive Faxes in your Voicemail.
The word on the left is the current status of this feature.
If this is set to Disabled your voicemail will not receive and convert the fax.


Alert.png Depending on when you Signed up for service with Broadvoice you may not have this option. This is because with our newer accounts the Fax Enabled Voicemail feature is always enabled.