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Can I check the current Network Status

Yes! To check the current network status, please go to the Network Status page.

This page will also display any Network Maintenance that will be coming up and the Annual Network Availability for the current and previous year.

Can I use my internal telephone wiring with the Broadvoice Service?

The use of house wiring is not supported. Using internal house wiring can damage your phone adapter over time. Using house wiring will also void the warranty on your free leased adapter.

Use of internal telephone wires with the Broadvoice service is not recommended or supported. Using internal telephone wiring may void your warranty. Broadvoice will only support a single, standard touch tone telephone connected directly to the Broadvoice phone adapter .

Important Note: Improper use of internal wiring will result in the failure of the phone adapter and possibly any device connected to the internal telephone wiring.

Please contact the local telephone company and have a telephone technician disconnect the telephone company's wires from your location.

The telephone company sends electricity over their phone lines, if the telephone company still has a connection at your location, then the extra electricity that the phone adapter will push over the lines will cause the failure of any device that is connected to the internal telephone wires.

Can I have a toll free number with my residential service?

Yes, you can add a Toll Free number to any Broadvoice plan. You can choose a new Toll Free number through your MyAccount page. If you are looking to transfer your existing Toll Free number, please send an email to [email protected] with a copy of your most recent Toll Free bill.

Please refer to How to Add a Toll Free Number to your account for more information.

Can I only talk to other Broadvoice customers using this product?

No, you can call anyone who has a telephone.

Can I pick any area code number as I wish?

Yes! As long as the area code is available within our system, you can select your area code.

Can I Try the Service Without Committing?

Yes, we do offer monthly plans with no contract and no cancellation fee!

If you do not wish to transfer your current telephone number to Broadvoice to try out the service, we can also provide you with a new local telephone number.

• Note: If you select a New telephone number and then later wish to transfer your current telephone number to Broadvoice, there is a $15 number change fee that is applied when the phone number is changed.

Can I use a Wireless only internet connection to use your service?

A stable broadband Internet connection is required for this service. This can include Cable, DSL, Fiber Optic, T1, or Fixed Wireless internet.

Unfortunately, satellite internet connections are NOT supported. Moreover, it is assumed that fixed wireless internet is stable under a variety of environmental conditions.

Do I have service with Broadvoice before the transfer completion date?

Yes, as long as you have properly installed the hardware.

For example if today is January 01 and you have just received your device and your port date is not until January 10 this is how your calls will route:

• Inbound call from a Broadvoice line → Rings your Broadvoice device. • Inbound call from anywhere else → Rings your old provider. • Outbound calls → Rings dialed destination

Do you have international calling available?

Yes! Broadvoice does offer international calling. Please refer to the current International Calling Rates page for more details.

Do you offer service to customers outside of the Continental USA?

At this time we do not offer service outside of the continental USA. So you will need a USA service address in order to use our service.

Does Broadvoice Offer Ring Back Tones or Distinctive Ring Tones

No, Broadvoice does not currently offer the ability to set up a Ring Back tone or a Distinctive Ring tone for a phone.

How do you know if a phone number or area code is available or not? Where does it indicate it?

You can check the availability of a phone number or area code with the sign up process. Here's how:

• Start a new order and go to I'd like to obtain a New Phone Number. • Then select Let Me Choose a Phone Number based on State, Area Code and City options. • Once there, select the State, Area Code and Service Center (city) for the new numbers to appear on the screen. • Once they appear, select the phone number you would like to have and proceed to the next step. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at [email protected] or call us at 888 60-POWER.

How long has Broadvoice been in business?

Broadvoice has been in business since 2005. In the last 8 years we have done nothing but grow. We've not only grown with our customers, but also with our staff to meet their needs.

How many customers does Broadvoice have?

We do not release that information to the public. We can, however, assure you that we are a successful company. If you would like to look at our company in more depth, I would recommend visiting the following independent review sites:

How will the sound quality compare to a traditional phone line?

Because signals are transmitted and received digitally through the Internet, the quality of the service should be the same or better than what you're currently getting from a traditional phone company.

• Please be aware that sound quality is dependent entirely upon the quality of your high speed internet service.

I need both internet and phone, does Broadvoice provide both services?

Broadvoice only provides Voice Over Internet Protocol telephone service. Internet service would have to be obtained from an Internet Service Provider like a DSL or Cable company.

Is there a minimum internet speed requirement?

The minimum internet speed requirement is 128 kbps upload and 768 kbps download. You may test your internet connection with our online speed test found HERE. This is a helpful tool to see if your internet connection will support our service.

What does VoIP mean

This is technology for taking analog audio, such as a person speaking into a phone, and turning it into digital information that can be transmitted over the internet. The two most common implementations of VoIP are using either an Analog Telephone Adapter or a software application (iPhone app). Both of these allow the internet connection to be shared between both computers and telephones. Due to the quality of bandwidth required, VoIP only works with Broadband Internet, not dial up, satellite, or wireless. This means Cable, DSL, Fiber Optic, or T1 is acceptable.

What is Voicemail?

Voicemail allows callers to leave you a message if you have missed or screened their call.

To access the Voicemail system:

• Just dial *21 from your Broadvoice phone OR log into your MyAcccount and click on Voicemail.

If you wish to have notifications of new Voicemail sent to your email account, please refer to How to Enable the Fax and VoiceMail Notifications to Email for more information.

What type of Internet service works with VoIP?

We are ONLY compatible with broadband internet connections. This would include: cable, DSL, fiber optic, or T1. We are not compatible with satellite or dial up Internet connections.

Who is the CEO of Broadvoice?

Since we are a corporation there is no CEO. We do have a General Manager who is present everyday. If you wish to contact him, you can send him an email to the following address: [email protected]. He responds to every email within 24-48 business hours.

Can I have a chat transcript emailed to me?

Once you have ended your chat session you will have the option to have the transcript e-mail to you.

Click to enlarge

First click the button labeled "end" to close the chat session.

Click to enlarge

You'll then be asked if you're sure you want to end the session. Click OK if you're sure.

Click to enlarge

A small window will pop up, make sure the e-mail address you would like the chat transcript sent to is entered then click the "send" button.

Add a Virtual Number

If you would like to Add a Virtual Number to your account see our How-To guide HERE

Can I call 800 numbers?

You are able to call toll-free numbers with your Broadvoice service.
Simply dial the toll-free number as you normally would from any other telephone.

Can I change the music on hold to something else?

Unfortunately, at this time, there is no way to modify or disable Music on Hold.

Note: Music on hold is a feature specific to customers on our Capricorn network, and is not available to customers on our Aquarius network.

Can I have my faxes sent to a different email than my voicemails?

The notification system can send to either the same email address or 2 different email addresses, regardless of whether fax or Voicemail options are selected.
Please refer to Fax-Enabled VoiceMail for more information.

Can I import a contact list to My Account's contact list?

Customers on our Aquarius network can import contacts to their MyAccount. You can find instructions for how to do this by reviewing How To Import CSV and vCard files to Contact List in My Account.

Can I make or receive collect calls?

At this time we do not accept collect calls with our service.
The reason for this is; there is no way to bill the third party involved.

Can I record my own voice mail greeting?

You can record your own greeting from the handset of your phone.
When you log into your VoiceMail account for the first time, you will be prompted to record a new VoiceMail greeting.
A VoiceMail greeting can be up to 60 seconds in length.

Can I disable my outgoing Caller ID for all calls?

You can set your service to have your caller ID blocked on all outbound calls.
Please refer to Capricorn Network - Star Code List or Aquarius Network - Star Code List for more information on how to block your outbound caller ID.

Can I take my service with me when I travel?

The phone adapter we send you is assigned to your account.
When used outside your home, you would still be calling from your home telephone number.
Assuming the broadband connection you are using while you are away from your home does not block the necessary ports used by our service, the service will work at any location.
We also have Apps for your smartphone as well as a Softphone for use on your home computer or laptop.

Can I use my computer and talk on the phone at the same time?

You can use a computer and talk on the phone at the same time. The Broadvoice phone adapter works independently of your computer. This will allow you to talk on the phone while browsing the web.

Note: Please be aware that while you can utilize your Internet connection and talk on the phone simultaneously, the quality of your phone conversations may be degraded by heavy Internet use, such as multiple file downloads, bandwidth intensive web browsing or streaming media. Should you encounter audio quality issues, prior to contacting technical support you should verify that your Internet connection is not being over-burdened by other high bandwidth activities.

Can I Use My Own Phone Adapter?

We offer a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Service.
Please check our BYOD Hardware page for the list of supported devices.

Can I Change my caller ID?

If you would like to change what displays as your Caller ID you will need to call our Billing Department.

The Billing Department can be reached Monday-Friday 6:00am - 5:00pm PST or Saturday 6:00am - 2:30pm PST at (888)607-6937 option 2.

There is a $5 fee to change your Caller ID information.

Do I have service with Broadvoice before the port date?

When signing up with Broadvoice, you will be shipped a Phone Adapter. Once the Phone Adapter is connected properly and functioning, you will have the ability to place outbound calls from your Broadvoice phone. You will not be able to receive any incoming calls until the port date has completed. Once the Port is complete, you will be able to receive calls.

If you are unable to place a call after setting up the Broadvoice device, please contact our support department for additional assistance.

Do I Need Any Other Hardware?

You will not need any extra network hardware to use our service. Just your internet modem and the phone adapter.
If you already have a router, you can place the phone adapter before the router.
You will plug the phone adapter into your current Broadband Modem and it will connect directly to Broadvoice's servers (No matter what type of Broadband you use: Cable, DSL, etc.). For additional information on how to configure your specific make and model of router or modem/router combo, please refer to our Customer Provided Routers section.

Do you offer toll-free numbers?

Broadvoice offers toll-free numbers.
If you already have a toll-free number with another provider and you currently have a Broadvoice account, you can have that phone number point to one of your Broadvoice phone lines.
You can add a toll-free number to your phone plan for $5 per month per number, plus $0.04 per minute. A toll-free number can be attached to either your main number or any extension within a PBX.
Please refer to How to Add a Toll Free Number to your account for more information.

Does my computer need to be on if I want to use the phone?

The phone adapter works independently of your computer.
Your computer does not need to be on, but your broadband modem and the Broadvoice phone device will need to remain powered on at all times for the phone service to work.

Does the iPhone or Android app cost anything?

The Broadvoice smartphone app is free. You must have an existing Broadvoice account to use the app; once you do, you can login and immediately start making calls.

Does your system work with DirecTV / Dish TV?

DishTV and DirecTV customer's are required to have their satellite receivers connect to the satellite network on a daily or weekly basis.

There are 2 types of receiver's distributed by DishTV and DirecTV.

  • One receiver utilizes a dial-up modem for it's connection. This receiver is outdated and is not entirely compatible with a VoIP connection.
  • The second receiver utilizes an Ethernet connection. This receiver does not experience issues connecting to the satellite network and is the recommended receiver by Broadvoice support.

Please contact your satellite provider for assistance with setting up or troubleshooting issues with the satellite devices.

Can I get an international number?

We offer international numbers in 48 different countries.
Please reference Get an international number for location and pricing information.

How do I active a feature?

Most features can be activated or deactivated by logging in to the my account section of the Broadvoice website. For more information on modification of the call features, please refer to the MyAccount category of this Wiki.
Keep a look out for new features being added to the my account section as we are always working to automate call feature activation processes.
Note: Some features will need to be manually activated by the support department. If you can not change the setting for a call feature, please contact support by emailing [email protected] or by calling us at (888) 607-6937 option 3.

How do I know if I have a voice mail?

Voicemail alerts come in many forms. You might receive a stutter dial on the handset, a blinking phone light on the phone adapter or an indication on the phone itself if the phone is capable of displaying a "message waiting" icon.
You can also configure your new Voicemail to be emailed to you either with a .wav attachment or just a notification of that new Voicemail. Please refer to VoiceMail Instructions for more information on setting up the Voicemail to email feature of the Broadvoice service.

How do I make 411 Directory Assistance calls?

To place a Directory Assistance call, simply dial 411 from your phone.

Note: Be aware that there is a separate charge for 411 Directory Assistance. 411 Directory Assistance calls are $0.99 per call plus $0.10 per minute after the first 2 minutes. Operator calls are billed at $3.00 per call.

How do I make International Operator Assisted calls?

To place an International Operator assisted call, simply dial 010 from your phone and an operator will answer the call.

Note: Be aware that International Operator Assisted calls are $3.00 per call. Also, please be aware that when you call to speak to the operator you are not calling Broadvoice and speaking to one of our representatives.

How do I make Operator Assisted calls?

To place an Operator assisted call, simply dial 0 (zero) from your phone and an operator will answer the call.

Note: Be aware that Operator Assisted calls are $3.00 per call. Also, please be aware that when you call to speak to the operator you are not calling Broadvoice and speaking to one of our representatives.

How Long Does it Take to Process the Order?

New numbers are normally processed within 24 hours. If you have ordered the Broadvoice Phone Adapter, please allow up to 3 business days to receive the equipment.
If you are transferring a telephone number, the process normally takes about 5-7 business days depending on the telephone company it's being transferred from.

How many numbers can I put in the block list?

You may have up to 50 phone numbers on the block list at any one time.

How much is caller I.D. and other features?

All of the Broadvoice residential telephone lines have the same features. All of the Broadvoice features are standard and are offered at no additional cost.

You can see our full list of features Here. For more information on the using the call features, please refer to Call Features.

How much does it cost to change my number?

There is a $15 charge for every number change.

I moved, does the service still work?

As long as your new location has an active, high-speed internet connection your service will continue to function.

Once you have everything set up in your new location make sure to update your billing address and your 911 information in your my account page. Remember your number is associated with your address on file when it comes to 911 listing, so you will need to update your address as soon as possible in case a emergency occurs and you are in need of emergency help.

Once logged into the account home sub section:

  • Click on the Change button right next to 911 address.
  • From there, click Change that is to the right of emergency 911 response address.

Once your address has been changed you should receive a green message at the top of your screen that says:

  • Success: your order has been placed successfully.
  • Your change order number ######
  • Please allow 3-5 business days for changes to take effect.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our billing department by email at [email protected] or by calling us at 888 607-6937 option 2.

Is the service available outside the USA?

Broadvoice telephone service will function anywhere in the world as long as there is a broadband internet connection. However, we only offer USA telephone numbers, only ship equipment within the USA and only accept USA credit cards for payment.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 888 607-6937 option 2 or email us at [email protected]

How do I log into my account?

For detailed instructions on how to log into your account please see our Log into account instructions page.

Obtaining a BYOD while overseas?

There are a few different ways to go about getting a BYOD while you are overseas.
You can view our Obtaining a BYOD while overseas instructions for more information.

Pay My Bill

When you log into your MyAccount portal, on the Account Home page is a section titled Service Account Details. In this section it will list your Account Number, your Current Balance and have a button that will allow you to pay your bill labeled Pay Now.
When you click on the Pay Now button it will take you to a page that will allow you to pay the entire current balance, or to pay a part of it. Once you have decided how much of your current balance to pay now, click the Pay Now button.

Whats the difference between BYOD and SIP Credentials

There is actually a very large difference between these two types of devices.
If you would like to know all of the differences between the two we have a comprehensive look at the differences HERE

How can I Reduce the amount of Bandwidth used?

If you find that your VoIP service is using to much of your available bandwidth you can lower the amount of bandwidth used by changing your audio codec. By default all accounts use the G711u audio codec. You can change this to G729a to use less bandwidth for your call audio at the trade off of reduced audio quality.
If you would like step by step instructions how to do this please click HERE

How do I set a Speed Dial?

How you set a Speed Dial is dependent on which of the networks you are on.
Setting a Speed Dial on the Capricorn Network
Setting a Speed Dial on the Aquarius Network

How do I transfer service to a new location?

One of the many great things about VoIP is that it doesnt matter where you are. As long as you have access to a broadband internet connection you can use your VoIP service.

This means that if you move, or simply go on vacation, you can take your phone adapter with you. Just connect your phone adapter to your broadband internet connection and your ready to make calls. No need to transfer service.

If you do move you will want to update your billing information and your E911 address. Your E911 address is the address that is automatically sent to emergency services should you ever need to dial 911.

If you need instructions on how to change your E911 address just click HERE.

Can I use my own answering machine?

If you have an answering machine that you would rather use instead of our VoiceMail you can use that instead.
You will need to either disable our VoiceMail or set it to pick up after your answering machine.
We have a How-to for you to do this exact thing HERE

I forgot my password, what do I do?

We have a password recovery feature on the website.
For step by step instructions click HERE

Can I view my past bills?

You will need to log into your account.
Once you have logged into your account you can view your past invoices by clicking on Invoices & Payments from your MyAccount menu.

Once on the Invoices and Payments page you will see the Pending Charges for your account as well as two buttons.

The first button View Invoices will display a list of previous invoice statements.
You can view the itemized contents of each invoice by clicking the invoice number.
If you would like to print an invoice out for your records you can click the Printer Friendly link next to each invoice and a new window will open with a version of the invoice that will print out nicely.

Can I view my past payments?

You will need to log into your account.
Once you have logged into your account you can view your past invoices by clicking on Invoices & Payments from your MyAccount menu.

Once on the Invoices and Payments page you will see the Pending Charges for your account as well as two buttons.

The first button View Invoices will display a list of previous payments made.
Each payment will have a small + icon to the left of them.
Clicking on the plus will expand each payment to show which invoices are included in that payment. You can click the individual invoices within each payment to see an itemized account of each invoice.

What about 911 emergency calls?

911 emergency calls placed on the Broadvoice service are handled just like normal 911 land line calls. These calls are routed to your local 911 Emergency Services Operator. When a 911 call is placed, the address and name we have on file for that phone number will be sent to the 911 Operator to assist them.

Please see our 911 Page for more details.

Note: If you change your home location, please log into the MyAccount section of our website and update your address.

What About Refunds?

Under the Terms of Service, initial charges, including the first month of service and the shipping and handling charges for the hardware are non-refundable immediately upon the submission of an order. There is no money back guarantee for any services unless specifically written in a special one time promotion. There are no pro-rated refunds for unused time including prepaid plans.

What About Returning The Hardware?

The hardware, including the power supply, will need to be returned within 30 days of cancellation of the service to:

Broadvoice LLC
Attn: Cancellation Department
20847 Sherman Way
Winnetka, CA 91306

Make sure that the account name is clearly visible on the outside of the box. Please retain a UPS or USPS tracking number for the return shipment. If the hardware is not returned, then it will be treated as a purchase and your account will be charged an equipment fee.

What can I do about Choppy Audio?

Typically, choppy or dropped audio during a phone call is caused by problems with your Internet connection. These Internet connection issues are typically not related to upload/download speeds but by excessive delay (latency), jitter (variation in packet arrival time), and packet loss (transmitted data that never makes it to the destination).

When you notice these problems happening, hang up the call and run our VoIP Quality Test. For more information about this test, please refer to How to understand the Bandwidth Quality Test for VOIP.

What codecs does Broadvoice use?

We utilize G.711 and G.729 as codecs.

  • G711 is a higher audio quality codec that will work well in most implementations.
  • G.729 can be used in situations where available bandwidth causes call quality issues.

You will not notice much (if any) of an audio quality decrease between codecs.

What does Broadvoice do to protect and ensure the privacy of incoming our outgoing calls?

Short of having a physical connection to our network, your network, and the network of the party you are calling, there is no way for all the traffic to be monitored. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees since we have no way of knowing the configurations all calling parties have.

What format is the Fax Enabled VoiceMail in?

Faxes are stored as a PDF file, which can be opened by Adobe Reader and most smartphones.

What If I Have Problems With My Hardware?

Technical Support is available 7 days a week, Pacific Standard time.

5:00 am - 8:00 pm PST (Monday - Friday)
6:00 am - 5:00 pm PST (Weekends)

You can contact Technical Support at (888)60-POWER - (888)607-6937 or on our website by clicking on the Live Chat Technical Support button and chat live with our support department.

What if I have Static during phone calls?

If you hear static on your Broadvoice phone during a phone call, try connecting the power adapter directly to a wall outlet. Be sure to bypass all extension cords, power strips and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS).

Also make sure that your phone is connected directly to the phone adapter by a phone cord shorter then 6 feet.

If the static issue continues, please contact our Support Department at (888)607-6937 for assistance.

What if I want a phone on one side of my house and my modem on the other?

The best solution for this is to get an expandable handset telephone system that has one base plugged into our hardware and multiple cordless handsets. Each handset will not need to be plugged into a wall jack and you can scatter the handsets around your home.

What is a softphone?

A softphone is a piece of software that simulates the functions of a telephone. It is used to allow you to make phone calls from your computer over your VoIP connection using minimal extra hardware.

What is a Virtual Phone Number?

A virtual phone number is an in-bound only telephone number that forwards calls to your main telephone number. The cost is $5 per month for unlimited inbound calls. The virtual phone number does not ring differently nor does it have its own voice mail box. When you make outbound calls, your main number is still displayed on the caller ID.

If you would like more information about Virtual Numbers Click HERE

What is E911 and do you offer it?

Yes, we offer E911 service where available.

E911 service allows for your registered address to show up on the 911 operators screen the moment the 911 call is placed. With this feature, the 911 operator will automatically know your location, even if you are unable to provide it.

Please see our 911 Page for more details.

What is my fax number when I am faxing off of the telephone line?

Your fax number is the same as your VoIP telephone number.

What is VoiceMail?

VoiceMail allows callers to leave you a message if you have missed or are screening inbound calls.

To access the VoiceMail system:

Pick up the phone and dial *21 from your Broadvoice phone or log into your My Account and click on VoiceMail.

If you wish to have Notifications of new VoiceMail sent to your email account:

Please refer to How to Enable the Fax and VoiceMail Notifications to Email for more information.

What Kind Of Hardware Do I Need To Use For Your Service?

We will ship the phone adapter you will need to use for our service.

You may also utilize one of the devices listed on our BYOD Compliance List page.

What types of telephones will function with the Broadvoice Service?

Telephones that are labeled FCC part 68 compliant and most analog standard telephones will function with the Broadvoice service.

Telephones that will not function properly with the service are digital proprietary phones that are made for specific PBX phone systems. These are usually business, multiple line phones that were part of a PBX phone system at one time. Also, some multiple line phones might cause calling issues when the phone is connected to both phone ports of a Cloned Line enabled device.

What will show up on my Caller ID?

The name you used to create your account with Broadvoice will be the name used for Caller ID. The name will be displayed Last Name, First Name. Once the account name is set up, Broadvoice can make a change but there is a $5 fee to do so. All changes will need to be sent via email to [email protected]. There are no charges for blocking and unblocking caller ID.

When Will I Receive My Phone Adapter?

We ship the hardware via USPS Priority. Once your hardware has shipped, we will email you with the USPS tracking information.

Will your service work with my home alarm system?

Many alarm companies support communications with their company through the internet instead of the telephone line. Please check with your alarm company to see if the system will work with Digital VoIP phone services.

Unfortunately, we can not guarantee that the alarm system will still work with our service. If you have any issues with the alarm system after installing any Digital VoIP phone service, please contact the alarm company as they will have equipment that will resolve the issue.